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    2003 UAIs

    well what do you want to do? what are your career aspirations long term?
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    2003 UAIs

    the guidey thing says journo at uts is 96.03!?!
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    2003 UAIs

    I would just like to say 2 things: 1. The HSC is in no way a measure of intelligence, so don't feel "stupid" if you didn't get 99, chances are you'd thrash those who did in an I.Q test. 2. Subjects play a big role, I high band 6s for all my subjects, bar maths in which I got a mid band 5...
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    What to dooooooooo????

    I did Shakespeare, I don't know what I got yet obviously, but my teachers said it's sure to get suck up marks, the markers think they're smart and you're smart if you do classics. Also mine was a really different interpretation which is always good.
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    Carefactor for drama exam????

    I cannot wait for that moment! But it sucks hard that our friends are already partying!!! All except for those latin extension nerdos.
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    Basic Response for Genre Theory Q, Problem with 2 Q's HELP HELP HELP

    Oh my God, you guys are scaring the shit out of me! What's all this genre theory stuff?!?! All we've done is CF texts in class, now I feel like I know shit all...
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    Place your bets here for Tort vs Contract

    Put me down for $1million on tort It's so tort... The snail lady in DvS was able to gain remedy DESPITE contract law. She gained remedy through tort law negligence because she was not privy to the contract. This case circumvented the problem of privity of contract, but did not abolish it, so...