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    Please Read. Pip Help Needed Badly.

    you dont need "famous" theorists, but you do need secondary sources. As i found out the internet has alot of info, which might not always be 100% reliable, but it s likely to lead you to better books or papers. Maybe take a trip to a uni library, they have better ranges of books, and i am sure...
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    Tutor Needed

    hey there! I saw that you are looking for a biology tutor, and would be delighted to fill that position. I charge $20p/h (maybe a bit more/less depending on travel, and sessions per week) I have a completed course in my possession, experiements included. I recieved 89 in my HSC for bio, and...
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    parents paying for uni fees/textbooks etc

    i 'HECSed' everything possible, and i am paying half of my textbooks, student activity fees. but my parents are currently paying for my weekly train ticket. I agree with someone's comment below, 'it is my education not theirs' so i want to pay everything that i can
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    Am i gonee :*(

    really dont worry, i thought i was doomed after failing a large majority of my english adv course....and i ended up getting 75 for it in my HSC...i know its not great. but it shows that you have nothing to worry about
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    first day

    Edst1101 was my only lecture today....and they double booked the theatre...and the air con wasnt working. welcome to uni! at least i didnt get lost today
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    Need a bio tutor?

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    Need a bio tutor?

    Do you want to hear that your prospective tutor got 99 in biology in the HSC? well okay maybe you do if you are already getting high marks! While i may not have got the greatest mark in my HSC (80) i do love Biology and im not one of those tutors who is going to sit there and talk at a level...
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    how to learn biology

    okay this is only my opinion, i dont know hard or easy you find biology. but i found Excel easy, and Heinemann is in between i dont know about surfing biology, i have not used it sorry.
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    Biology study methods

    DOT POINTS, DOT POINTS, DOT POINTS!!!! its the best way to organise your info and have answers at your fingertips.
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    how to learn biology

    hey people, personally i loved bio and didnt find it boring at all. HOWEVER if you are having trouble with staying attentive in class 1. Grab all the notes ur teacher gives you 2. Get your hands on as many text books as possible, you dont have to buy them, try borrowing some 3. Pick one or...
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    PIP Questionnaire - Political Satire

    there you go, hope you go well, good luck
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    lonely @ O week

    hey i signed up for the peer mentoring program being run by the arts and social sciences faculty. i was told that a group of people a paired up with the one mentor so seems like a good way to meet others doing the same course. here is the link for the program...
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    2006 Mac students

    hey all im hoping to be doing Arts with Dip Ed but i dont know if my UAI will be high enough....4 points off. Am i likely to get an offer? how far under the cut off do they look?
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    All right, who'll be joining the ranks next year?

    hey hey i am looking at doing Arts/Education. any comments about the course? my UAI is 77.35 the 05 cut off was 78, do i have a good chance? if its a second choice?
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    Enzyme Prac Help!

    check out some text books, im sure you will find something. Good luck
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    POST- HSC anxiety

    i am sick with worry and anxiety every time some one mentions results. the worst part is, i cant get too many extra shifts at work, so i am left with doing nothing, which means that i have time to think about results. argh....why cant schoolies happen AFTER i get my results back, im gonna...
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    Enzyme Prac Help!

    yeha i am sure you could use it but you would just have to find an experiment, or even design one yourself. if you do design your own, make sure that you can show all the important features. (eg-Reliability of results)
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    Enzyme Prac Help!

    Background info: --Rennin is an enzymes secreted by the walls of the stomach --It acts on the milk protein casein causing it to clump into a semi-solid curd --the enzyme is readily available in the form of junket tablets Requirements: 8 water baths 8 thermometers...
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    Did you know...

    wow now that is a OTT way of stopping cheating, if its true
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    Gonna miss your teachers?

    i will miss all of my teachers. and yeha most of them do become more sociable once you are a senior. the teacher i will miss most is my Society and culture teacher, even though i know i will see her all the time. teachers rock..i might be slightly biased, wanting to be a teacher and all