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    Maths Ext II Results

    yeh i got 80 as my raw mark. no idea what it scaled to. but it definately helped my uai BIG TIME! it was so worth the ridiculous amount of homework. go 96.55!!
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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    96.55!!! so so happy. SAM predicted 95.25 it was definately worth working my butt off in ext 2 maths
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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    english adv: 87 english ext 1: 42/50 maths ext 1: 91 maths ext 2: 80 modern history: 89 french: 86
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    anyone going to burleigh heads?

    so is there anyone out there going to burleigh heads for schoolies?
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    ummm 2 supervisors had coughing fits the person behind me was breathing really heavily we had to stop after 5 minutes as the supervisors had got the booklets wrong the presiding officer "head supervisor" 's mobile phone went off!
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    Projectile motion

    i had no idea about that question! i still don't see how you do it?!
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    Predict raw mark /120 + scaled mark

    prob 70-80/120... no idea how that scales. i try not to think about scaling! just do my best, get the best possible raw mark and go from there. probability question was the worst!
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    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    this question was HORRIBLE and PAINFUL for hamlet and r&g are dead. moral order? it was tooo specific for my liking. it didn't really give you an opportunity to write about techniques etc. it was purely based on different philosophical frameworks etc. etc. anyway i'm glad its over!
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    This Years English Paper Was Hard

    for sure! i found last years one moderately easy and the questions in section 2 & 3 were quite broad. you could write about anything for the creative writing! and the imaginative journeys questions was perfect - the human experience actually relates to imaginative journeys!! this years was a...
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    Predictions for Paper 2

    Anyone got any predictions for the modules questions??