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    Becoming a High School Teacher

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone knows a site or information about how one would become a high school teacher, I know there are a few ways of doing it? I am in Canberra, ACT at the moment but would be happy to teach in ACT or NSW either Wollongong or Syd. Either a music teacher, or...
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    What salary should I be getting?

    Hi All, I am wondering what salary I should expect? So far I have had 2 jobs, one was for 25,000 (reception) and one for 32,000 (assistant store manager). I am wondering if anyone knows how much I should look for because I'm looking for a new job, so far no one will offer me more than...
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    Employment Contract - Sick Leave??

    i get 4wks annual leave pa
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    Employment Contract - Sick Leave??

    Hi All, Currently I have just started a job as receptionist in the medical industry. They have given me my contract of employment and there are a few things in it that come to my mind: one is sick leave, it states: "You are entitled to 5 days sick leave in your first year of service...
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    Notice for Employment termination

    My girlfriend is currently employed as a receptionist at a real estate agent. She has decided the job is not for her after much consideration and has decided she wants to put her notice in to leave the company. She has been working for the company for 3 weeks. In her Offer Of Employment...
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    Full Time Pay Rates?

    Hi, I am thinking of going for some jobs as sales assistant and the like at retail shops such as roger david etc. I am wondering if anyone knows what the full time rate for a 19 year old is? I looked at the Shop Employees award in NSW, (i am in ACT though) and it said $420/weekly for...
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    Anyone here worked for Rydges either Hotel or Resorts? If so do you like it there and do they pay good or the bare minimum? Could have interviews for receptionist/reservations agent and maybe sales management if im lucky. Thanks guys.
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    What sort of job do I get?

    Hi all, Bit of background, i did my HSC end of 2003, then i did a 1 year tertiary course and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Business Management/Marketing. Having graduated from that im now looking for fulltime work, but i cant seem to really find anything that relates to my...
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    Bigpond - Assessment?

    ive done this assessment thing for 2-3hrs its a bugger. u start off doing mock telephone enquiries the interviewer will be the customer, u say good morning such and such how can i help u and stuff like that. they test you on that. then u will prob have to do a 200 question psych test and...
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    Whinge about rental applications

    but wouldnt it look a bit silly or suss if only one person applies to live at a 3 bedroom property? like only she could apply but they would think well how can she pay the $280 a week rent on a $400 a week wage etc..? and they would prob reject her for that. any thoughts?
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    Whinge about rental applications

    Has anyone got any tips for what to do with putting in these applications for rent for houses. Ive been house hunting for a few weeks now and have been rejected for 4 applications. Currently only 19 with my partner being 21 it is making it very hard, she just started full time work and i am...
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    Full-Time Job offer, what to do?

    Well, ive been offered a full time job and i dont know what to do. bit of background, finished year 12 in 2003, now all of 2004 i studied my ass off and have just graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Business Marketing, and a Diploma in Business Management. I am in a bit of a pickle, i...
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    JobSearch website

    as long as your not studying full time u can get a job network card, just go to centrelink. u dont need to be receiving a payment from centrelink.
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    make sure you pour a good beer, they always look at this. Never stand around doing nothing, if there is no customers, go clean ashtrays, pickup glasses, wash glasses, restock the bar, clean the bar, clean the pokies area, wipe tables, DO SOMETHING. once yoou get the job then you can slacken...
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    Australian Public Service positions

    JoyDivision: Where do you look for bank positions? Mr EaZy the website you are referring to is http://www.psgazetteonline.gov.au =) Still job hunting no luck yet,, grrr
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    ahh that would be for barristers....?
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    Where can I do some short courses?

    TAFE offer short courses, and some of them you can do online from your own home without having to go in and attend classes.
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    couple of questions

    you should be able to get an application form printed from there website, if not yet, check back closer to close date. and i think close date for s2 apps is about 20th april, not 100% sure though so be sure to check up on it.
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    Reach training in sydney - I did my RSA for $45 and same for RCG. then through www.speedpour.com.au I did a BarStart course for $99 (to learn to pour beer and spirits etc). then later on i did a Flair Tending workshop through Alex Beaumont training in sydney - i highly recommend it. RSA and...
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    Jones Bay Warf

    Head down there with a bunch of your resumes and hand them around to places you would like to work at.