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    Notional Band 6?

    Hey just want to know what is a notional band 6? cheers!!
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    ATAR Estimate Please.

    Hey just want to know what atar i'd be looking at. School Rank - 92 English STD - 5/66 Chemistry - 10/51 Physics - 8/70 Ext.1 Math - 16/68 Ext.2 Math - 14/32 Engineering studies - 4/16 Thanks in Advance!!
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    HSC Solutions

    Hey does anyone happen to have solutions to the 1995 Ext.2 HSC???
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    ATAR Estimate Please

    cmon.... i am dying here.... haha jks, na but just tell us if its possible
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    ATAR Estimate Please

    back to the point... is it still possible??
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    Edison v Westinghouse

    Hey would anyone have a good sample band 6 response for a typical question on this dot point?? or maybe a link to direct me to a thread that already has this thanks
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    Q19 2012 HSC Physics

    Hey, yeh i got D for 19 aswell cos if you think about it logically for say in a lightbulb filament wire, the wire has a very high resistance which produces the heat quickly as opposed to having a high current running through the wire... i even asked my and school teacher and then tutor and they...
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    ATAR Estimate Please

    Hey just want to know whether I would be able to 92 ATAR with these ranks... School Rank 93 Std. English - 8/75 Chemistry - 10/53 Physics 7/70 Ext.1 Math - 16-58 Ext.2 math - 13/32 Engineering studies - 6/17 Thanks!!
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    Wilfred Owen - Futility

    Hey guys, Would anyone be kind enough to share us some notes/essay paragraph on futility? I'd really appreciate it! Cheers :)
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    Henry Lawson - In a Dry Season

    Same here, I'm covered for the others, but I need something good on in a dry season. Cheers!!!
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    Essays + Other

    Hey can you me the Wilfred Owen essay please. Thanks!!
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    Solubility of non polar liquids in polar solvents.

    Explain why the solubility of the triiodide ion is more soluble in water than is iodone? I understand they both have limited solubility in water, as they are non polar, but what specifically allows the triiodide ion to dissolve more than iodine? Thanks!!
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    Bohr's Postulates and the hydrogen spectra.

    Thanks!! cleared up now!
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    Bohr's Postulates and the hydrogen spectra.

    Ok, I've been reading around and I've found different places saying different postulates were used to explain the observed hydrogen emission spectra. The one that makes sense to me is his second postulate, where an electron has to absorb/emit a photon to change between stationary states. So...
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    Where would my ATAR be approximately?

    the thing is this rank is based only on half yearly exam, it doesnt include my first term assessment, in which i came third and the weighting of both assessment only differed by 5%, so im guessing my actual rank wouldve been around 4/5.
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    Where would my ATAR be approximately?

    Cheers guys!! Ive been thinking of dropping engineering, but I've kept it so far as a back up subject. What are your thoughts?
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    Where would my ATAR be approximately?

    School Rank is 93. Subject Ranks: Mathematics Ext.1 18/68 Mathematics Ext.2: 9/33 English Standard:10/80 Chemistry: 7/57 Engineering:8/18 Physics: 8/76 Also where would i need to improve to get around 92-95 ATAR? Thanks!