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    Forbidden Love- Norma Khouri

    do you guys read the news? or are you so involved in your hsc studies that you have no idea about the world around you???? i read the book a while ago and, comparing it to Jean Sassoons biography of a Saudi princess didn't find it very genuine. It was so vague!!! Imagine my surprise when it...
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    Child education course?

    i deferred my primary education course for this year, i'm just wondering if anyone's currently doing it? how's it going? write me a private message please and tell me how's it going
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    decent read?

    anything by bryce courtney, i have his entire collection! my last read of his 'mathew flinders cat' was fascinating and original and takes you into a total different mindset.
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    hi guys i'm back - David Copperfield

    i haven't been to boredofstudies.org for ages! anyways, my first stop is always the reading room After reading Great Expectations a while back, I was in the library and decided to pick up David Copperfield, which can be contrasted to the former. Pip is a pauper, whilst Davy comes from a...
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    I don't know if it is because kids can get up to no good...... however, i do agree with those ppl who say that school isn't for everyone - what about those restless ppl who just can't sit still for 5 mins? That is the reason why they are out of school, and making them go to school forcibly...
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    Dave Pelzer - My Story (a Child Called It, The Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave)

    I think i've read - a child called it - someone refill me on it again?
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    holiday reading lists

    i wish to read les miserables. that's on my booklist, tell me what you think of it
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    BIP (book in progress) - Anna Karenina

    finished in 6 days...... after all that it was a great book, anybody else?
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    holiday reading lists

    a letter to greg hi gregor just wonderin since ya know so much bout tolstoy whether you've read anna karenina? well, if ya haven't i recommend it, i'm very much impressed by tolstoy's writing~~~ i'm just about finished, and its taken me about 6 days. tolstoys characters are very intricate and...
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    what's the longest book you've read?

    mine i think is anna karenina, i'm up to pg 700 and still reading. how quick has it taken u to read a book?
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    Just started White Oleander

    everyone loves it , can some1 tell us what its about?( w/out the ending) i tried to get it from the library but its out on loan
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    Reccomended >> Angelas Ashes

    oh gosh i was just there and now im going away..... tis too bad........
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    BIP (book in progress) - Anna Karenina

    yea u reckon? i think i've just passed the halfway mark
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    bryce courtney

    April fool's day was really good but sooooo touching!!! I jst picked up Mathew Flinder's cat at the local bookstore for $15 and am really excited to read it (have to finishh anna karenina first!) anybody read it? what's it like?
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    BIP (book in progress) - Anna Karenina

    right, this book is gettin a bit tedious (up to pg 300 out of 800, i read fast, and i also did tonnes today, coz i'm goin away for half a yr this week - i don't only read books!!!! i did quite a bit of shopping in the city which i recommend to everybody, go the SALES! ) everyone's falling...
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    BIP (book in progress) - Anna Karenina

    hi guys! anybody read this book by Leo Tolstoy? I've started it (got it for $9.90 at local bookstore) and it's quite interesting, about the affairs ie romances of Russian society in the latter half of the 17th cent. I'm up to the part when Vronsky has gone to Petersburg after he has fallen in...
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    alloha i am deferring got my first preference ( no wonder - i got high 90 UAI and the cutoff was like 80!!! anyone else do BAchelor Primary Ed Syd UNI?
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    Reccomended >> Angelas Ashes

    the library never has the books i want - waverly, that is, they're always out on loan!!! couldn't get angela's ashes, and couldn't find it at the local bookstore for that matter either
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    Reccomended >> Angelas Ashes

    That;s on my current book list . i just watched it on TV and it seems interesting
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    Alices Adventures In Wonderland

    i read it - didn't understand what defined it as a classic