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    Answers To Difficult Questions

    dang XD for that sulfur one i compelteli misread and thought the ppm they were giving us was forthe so2 content i have no idea wat my answer is though cant rmemeber and for the enthalpy multiple choice LOL totalli forgot how to read that enthalpy graph. stupidity at its peak (A)...
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    mechanical or mechatronic engineer?>!

    you won't be able to join the sae team until 2nd year and its always competitive to get into the team. I was part of the team for the last 2 years and pretty much everyone on the team gets good jobs, most of which is int he automotive industry such as ford or holden. did you go see the car at...
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    Usyd V Unsw

    i do mech eng at usyd and as people have already told you, its alot of theory... we have labs for some of our subjects but not a lot of it. if your thinking of doing a mech stream, you have the option to join up with the formula sae team where the undergrads design and manufacture a race...
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    first year ENGG1801 help

    when i did matlab in 1st yr, there wasn't an exam. exam for matlab only started in 05 or osmething also, if you have problems with your CAD marks, i would sort them out asap. going to see Andrei in his office is the quickest but he isn't always there. email him first and he should tell you...
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    Inquiry into b/Aeronautical

    math1901 is the advanced course and they only let u do it if u got 90s for 2u and 3u i think
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    Inquiry into aero1560, engg1801, engg1803

    all aero and mech people pretty much do the same thing... up til 2nd yr... except for afew subjects but mostly the same... its 3rd yr where we split into our diff fields...
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    automotive design

    theres no set course for at uni for automotive design i dont think... however, if you do mech engineering at usyd, you get a chance to join the usyd fsae team where we design and manufacture a car and at the end of the yr, we race it against other unis from aus and other countries around the...
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    Mechatronics UNSW or USYD

    1st yr is a bit more expensive i think and from 2nd yr onwards, we're paying around 493 this yr for compulsory subscription. 1st yr shouldnt be that big a difference
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    Changing to a double degree on enrollment day

    you dont get electives... you have a set number of subjects you do... no choice... the subjects are now worth 6 credit points so you'll end up doin 4 subjects a sem
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    Inquiry into aero1560, engg1801, engg1803

    matlab is a pain in the arse... well when i was in 1st yr it was... for me, i never knew what programming was til i first went into the matlab class and hated it... but depends some people find matlab interesting and fun... i was never a fan of matlab... it seems ur doin aero? i do...
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    yes SAE may be time consuming but its a whole heap of fun~!!! especially when you see your car racing around the tracks at the end of the yr but when we were chosing next yr team members, we took mechanical in preference to ther other degrees... its mostly mechanical, mechctronics and a few...
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    Which Uni For Mech Eng?

    im in 3rd yr mechanical engineering at usyd... i chose usyd over unsw because of travel reasons... a train trip islong enough... currently in the formula sae team aswell this yr... its interesting and you actualli get hands on experience... you actually see the thesis guys doing theyre...
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    Question about nuts and bolts

    M5 is the diameter and 30 is the thread length
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    Discussion of SC & its Notes

    SC science syllabus need to get a copy of the SC syllabus... does anyone have a copy?
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    chinese studies

    yeah she is good had her for a semester... if ur doin the beginner chinese like i was... it requires lots of time... well i think so anyway... u have clss everyday... and they move really quickly... u need to keep yourself up to date with everything coz its realli easy fally behind...
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    Engineering computing vs Chemistry: 1st semester

    im going into my 3rd yr of mechanical and i had to chemistry in 1st yr and so did a friend of mine who is doin civil... im not sure if its the same chemistry as mine but yeah i did do chem in 1st sem in 1st yr... its kinda useful for materials in 2nd yr... kinda... for mechanical anyway but...
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    permutations and combinations

    does anyone have notes for permutations and combinations?? habing some issues wid them... email me at est10o4@hotmail.com thanx
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    it shouldnt matter whether ur a guy or gal... im studying mechanical engineering at usyd atm and yeah there isnt many girls in my course... well i think i mite even b the onli or two but it shouldnt stop u from doin something u like~ im at the end of 2nd yr and mums still against me doin...
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    i guess its jus mechanical engineering wid more electronics to it... more elec and programming for sure...