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    how to study for sdd

    Well this years SDD exam was a bitch of a test, with SOO many algorithms. Anyway the best way is to get multiple different SUMMARIES of the course (providing you have actaully DONE all the work previously!) and read over all the different summaries. Some pick up on what others don't, and...
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    Question about subjects

    i would say to keep 12 units if you can handle it. Its only helpful to do so, providing you focus on ALL assesment tasks, then come HSC you will have a backup, or if there is ONE particular subject you are doing REALLY crap at, just concentrate all you effort on the other 10 units for Trial and...
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    How'd everyone go in English Paper 1 ?!

    Hey the cartoon was EASY! I put my money on it being about the cyclical nature of change and how it is ironic that the rainforest once gave way to housing and now the housing is giving way to a rainforest....What did everyone else put for it??
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    After uni offers have been made

    Well you can change your preferences for free AFTER you get your UAI, so once you see what you get, work out what u wanna do and put it as No. 1!....EASY!!