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    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    just out of curiosity all the people who got over 90 in subjects, what study methods/tips can u give the new yr 12's?
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    Why do Girls like Chem ?

    chem is a pre-requisite for many courses, physics not so much
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    Im interested in Psychology at sydney uni but Ill prob end up doing at adv sci/arts degree as i want to study a language
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    what you have to do is send emails to people who ask certain pieces of info, help them if they have any problems, some minor advertising(this can be done for free) and also keep a record of potential clients.
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    look do you just exist to create trouble for people? Why would I want to spam? and furthurmore, what makes you think Im male? hmmm? What also makes you believe so much that I would want to scam people, just because the job sounds good doesnt mean it isnt good.
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    look if you want to believe that, believe that, its a free country, I KNOW its not a scam, its really not my problem if you think it is one, as thats one opportunity you wont have.
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    look Ill explain as much as i can, its not so much emailing specific people, thats all I can say without giving away too much, you will find out if you email me with your serious intent to check the program out, and if you dont defame and criticise the whole thing all over this site
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    its not a scam, its completely legit, I can send you info if you like. you can believe it or not ,its your loss
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    if you are unsure about how this works email me at prini888@yahoo.com.au subject line:show me and I will send you info, its a great opp. dont let it pass
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    Are you working during the summer break b4 uni?? if so ... where??

    great work op earn up to 50/hr thats 500/wk for 10 hours. Its called email processing, and its free to start, can be done at home with internet and computer. Intersted? email prini888@yahoo.com.au subject show me, but only if you are serious and willing to work for the money!
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    ah ha! great job 500/wk no experiece!!

    hey guys I have this amazing job that lets me get more money than I have ever imagined So i decided to share my fortune, well what it is is an email processing job that has no start costs and can be done from you computer, the one your working on now could earn you money. I earn 500/wk for 10...