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    Ext. 2 Paper is out

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    2017 Sydney Grammar Trial Paper

    Here are the solutions (also edited original comment to include solutions above).
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    2017 Sydney Grammar Trial Paper

    Here you go.
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    Billy McArthur Solutions

    Afraid not, don't think I'm old enough to have a child doing the HSC!
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    2014 HSC Extension 2 Maths Carrotsticks' Solutions

    Depending on your method, you may still get 1. Markers are not supposed to penalise if someone has clearly misread the question and in doing so it doesn't make the question easier. If it is clear that you misread and found the value for a minimum, but you still did some calculus in the process...
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    2014 HSC Extension 2 Maths Carrotsticks' Solutions

    Your last step isn't valid. You can't jump from saying it is less than 3, therefore it is less than 1.
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    2014 HSC Extension 2 Maths Carrotsticks' Solutions

    What's the reading error? Depending on the circumstances, if you're lucky you won't be penalised.
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    2014 HSC Extension 2 Maths Carrotsticks' Solutions

    I just finished writing up my own solutions for that question, mine feels pretty clumsily worded though. Easy enough to see how to get the result, but my wording of the actual proof to justify the inequality is a bit shaky.
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    New "Cambridge" 4U "book" used by Grammar and NSGH

    One of the conditions of the Gonski reform is to implement changes to all senior courses via the Australian Curriculum by 2018.
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    Complex number representations

    Draw a diagram, and place R where you think it should go. Using the similarity of the two triangles, try to find a relationship between the modulus of R (say z3) and the moduli of z1 and z2. Then try to do the same with the arguments. You should find a nice little result for z3 in terms of z1...
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    HSC 2012-14 MX2 Integration Marathon (archive)

    Re: MX2 Integration Marathon Nice question. Is it pi/[ab(a+b)] ?
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    CSSA 2013 MX2 Trial Discussion

    As an Extension 2 teacher, I feel compelled to give my 2 cents here. I write all of my assessment tasks from scratch, and as braintic and Carrotsticks mentioned earlier, there are a LOT of ideas that get thrown around in the development of a question that will never see the light of day. I...
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    induction conclusions

    I tend to think if there was enough working to justify a 4th mark, they'd ditch the question rather than allocate 4 marks for a single question. Pretty rare for 4-markers to be in HSC exams nowadays.
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    induction conclusions

    I have been to various seminars and spoken about this issue with several different HSC markers. Induction questions are worth 3 marks, and the 3 marks are allocated as follows: 1st mark: Proving the statement is true for n=1. 2nd mark: Correctly integrating your assumption (assume true for...
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    Past HSC papers (pre 1995)

    Hi guys Does anyone know where one could obtain past Extension 2 papers from before 1995? I know that Board of Studies site has papers from 1995 - 2012 but haven't had any luck finding earlier papers online.
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    Can I lose marks for using 4u theory in a 3u paper?

    Just be careful in how the question is worded. If they ask you to use a specific method, you will be deducted marks if you use a different method. Also note that if a question states "Hence, .......", if you do not use the previous result the marker may have grounds to deduct marks.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    On that, multiple choice was much easier than I expected. Most trial papers that I looked at had MC questions much, much harder than anything that was in this paper.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    For 10, only B and C are even functions (meaning both A and D are 0). The graph of C is entirely below the x-axis (except for when x=0) meaning the integral will be negative. B is the correct answer.
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    Will these cirlce geometry abbreviations be penalised in the HSC exam?

    They stated the two parallel lines, they lost a mark solely because they used the abbreviation "alt." for "alternate".
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    Will these cirlce geometry abbreviations be penalised in the HSC exam?

    There is no set rule for what they will or won't accept, since the head marker can change year to year. I personally think it is completely ridiculous to not accept abbreviations (after all, what are we trying to test exactly?), but a few years ago a student lost a mark in a HSC exam by saying...