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    Copy centre

    It's $33 for the 3 booklets.
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    yumiko - B Liberal Studies I
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    I'm in the red group too. :wave:
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    Estimate your raw mark.

    Probably around 60% for me. Ugh, i suck at Chem.
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    Chemistry - general thoughts on the exam

    Yeah it was okay. Nottoo hard, but not easy either. My option (forensics) killed me though. *sigh* Oh well. :bomb:
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    WOOOOOOO how did use go

    Great exam!! Not too sure how I did for Ways of Holiness though... oh well! :)
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    So what did everyone think of it??

    Yay! I really liked the questions for all my topics (Germany, Albert Speer, Arab-Israel). I'm just really glad it's over. So much writing!!
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    When Paper 2 is OVER I'm going to...

    - Recycle all English notes - Run around the house screaming - Sleep - Preparation for Math and Modern History
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    Which Exam Are You Scared Of The Most??

    Math & English Paper II
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    Rank your subjects

    Most Enjoyable to Least Enjoyable 1. Modern History 2. Society and Culture 3. Studies of Religion I 4. Chemistry 5. Math 6. Advanced English Strongest to Weakest 1. Society and Culture 2. Modern History 3. Studies of Religion I 4. Chemistry 5. Advanced English 6. Math
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    UAC Applications

    Nah they don't. You only get charged once.
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    class of 06. Post ur university prefrences

    1. B Psychology USYD 96.80 2. B Arts (Psychology) USYD new course ~ 95 3. B Psychology UNSW 96.05 4. B Liberal Studies USYD 85.75 5. B Psychology (Honours) MACQ 94.05 6. B Psychology UWS 80.00 7. B Arts (Psychology) UWS 70.00
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    Class of 06 Post up your trial results and ranks

    Adv. English: 56% 2u Math: 42% Chemistry: 47% Society & Culture: 86% Modern History: 68% SORI: 72% *sigh*