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    Creative writing

    well, is not set in another format, so dat i choose to write for a speech. n when i m writing the story, i m kinda thinking of wt can i add to make a climax. basically, i m thinking that the examiner will think my creative writing will laugh coz when i m writing, i m not quite sure wt story i m...
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    HSC Timetable

    well, i think is not that good coz that my timetable crush together. which is on my geography and drama. when i finished my geog, i got jux for 1 n a 15 minutes to study on my drama. as i had been studying the whole night before exams start, y don't they seperate the subjects n not let them...
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    How many pages? What order for essays?

    o, gosh!!!!!!! the mc questions, some of them r preety ok n not ok. well, the short ans, i even study one of the graph..., wt the hell..! how could i not noe that, n i m just guessing it..., writing ans make up on my own...!!!!!! well, the essays was preety good (i think) n did them in order. 5...