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    What are your general thoughts?

    thats a gud point... well as i see it, i dnt think these right or wrong answers really cos its so broad it didnt specifically say "two body of works" from 2 artist or 2 different artist work's so it can be ne thing. i say u can write ne thing as long as u can back it up with ur artist and their...
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    What are your general thoughts?

    it was definatly easyer then my TRIALS.. so i hope i went better. i was tossing between q.8 and q.10-- but i went with q.10 compare how 2 bodies of work communicate narrative therough symbolism. i think so far im the only 1 that did Q.10... meh i did this because i was able to do 2 works in...
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    Schoolies 07 - where's everyone going?

    we are too.... yay
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    General Thoughts - English Standard Paper 2

    modules was definatly easyer then AOS. and it seems like im the only1 that did Dialogue- the club Close study of Text- we all fall down (the best book ever, u shuld read it... its awesome) In to the world- simple Gift (we did a speech for our assessments as well so dat fitted in heaps gud)...
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    im kinda late with this.... but its interesting reading every1's response and it seems that most ppl were stuck on the Q.21 yea i was stuck with this Q as well, but thank gudness we had a tutorials at my school during the holidays and we went through all the ex-exam papers and 1 perticular...
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    Indonesian Continuers

    im kinda late with this.... but i though the exam was do-able! i seriously thought it was going to be harder. my worse area would probebly be in section 2. im 100% sure that i did better than my trials... it was shit i missed a long response worth 15 marks and i only got 73%... i was spewin...