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    How to go about money

    Hey, could you elaborate on that a bit? I dunno, sounds good since you don't need to go job-hunting afterwards
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    Two exchanges??

    Were they one semester each? but wow!
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    Exchange to UK/USA Cost?

    omg. It's THAT expensive?! /How does someone not come back crippled with an empty bank account/
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    Exchange to Taiwan (UNSW)

    I'll follow this thread too, sounds interesting! :D Don't forget, the Australian government is trying to steer students away from Europe/US to Asia, and universities have many scholarships available just for Asia ^would seem a bit sad if I weren't considering exchanging to Hong Kong myself haha
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    What can you do if you get into an amazing university overseas but can't afford it?

    Re: What can you do if you get into an amazing university overseas but can't afford i You know, in terms of 'overseas' USA, Canada and England aren't the only options (hence the $200K student loans) ^ unless you want to settle there/work for 7+ years in that country Many European...
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    Applying for MIT

    Hey, what ATAR and extracurricular activities did you have down? I'm considering going overseas for uni too, but hoping to get an outline of the minimum requirements to base around.
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    Welcome to Australia~ Yeh, University of Sydney is ranked way better, and consider UNSW, Melbourne Uni, ANU too
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    America or Australia?

    MIT is a top university, is very well-ranked and has a brilliant reputation. You can literally get employed in any country with that on your transcript. It would definitely provide a better education, connections and resources. However, it is just unbelivably expensive ($60K), and considering...
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    Post Your Overseas University Offers Here

    Compared to UK (studentroom etc) and US forums (collegeconfidential etc) Aus forums really live up to that "tall poppy syndrome" by discouraging anyone who aims to study overseas ==;