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    Is it possible to get 95+ in Maths Ext 1 & 2 without tutoring?

    I managed to get 93 in 3u and 89 in 4u without tutoring. Its definitely possible to do well without tutoring
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    Actuarial Studies - Single or Double Degree

    Yeah im in a similar boat. Got a high enough atar to get into UNSW but stuck between choosing commerce or computer science to do along with acturarial or just doing actuarial on its own.
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    Top 10 Easiest HSC Subjects

    As i stated, i havent taken any of these subjects, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Also, there is no wrong opinion, hence why everyone has their own.
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    Top 10 Easiest HSC Subjects

    My other post about the top 10 hardest subjects was quite successful, so im just gonna milk the same idea, but on the other side of the spectrum. I havent taken any of these subjects on this list so i have no clue, so take my opinion w/ a grain of salt. Anyways heres my top 10 eaisest hsc...
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    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    fuck it. ill make it now
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    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    Economics exists
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    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    bruh how is math advanced harder than the sciences
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    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    Cause economics is harder cuh
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    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    I would put english higher, but the fact that you can get away with minimal study makes it easier. Maths on the other hands much more study and attention.
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    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    Personally, especially with 4u id put 3u way lower but many people may disagree
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    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    I know this is a pretty pointless post, but I was curious about what are the hardest HSC subjects (excluding languages). It will be cool to gain different perspective on this matter. Anyways this is my top 10 based off mine and some of my mates opinions: 1. Maths Ext 2 2. Physics 3. Chemistry 4...
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    Going into math EXT 2

    Try to learn and familiarise yourself with the concepts that are taught and relevant in term one. Thats what I did and it proved effective for me.
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    Thoughts on hsc subjects

    eco is pretty good, chem is decent and 4u is sometimes fun and sometimes torture
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    4U Mathematics or Chemistry

    Well since you interested in mechanical engineering, i think 4u is the better option.
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    trials cancelled

    I got insanely lucky and did my trials last term. Feels bad for anyone who's getting their trials replaced by an assignment.
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    Is band 6 for physics/ chemistry even possible?

    Its not over till its over, you still got the HSC to smash it. Good luck
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    What were these science subjects like for your hsc?

    no problem Least favourite was definetly physics, hated the teacher and didnt enjoy the subject. Second favourite/least favourite was biology. Pretty interest subject but too much memorising made me dislike. My personal favourite is chem, good teacher, interesting subject and not as much...