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  1. L

    Nursing + Paramedics Double

    i want to do paramedics, but i dont even hold a first aid certificate! might see if i can change courses in a few years if the desire is still there... :)
  2. L

    Medical Imaging

    sorry, no info about the course, but i am interested in the course. that or the paramedic degree. i live about 5 and half hours from wagga, i know how u feel when u say ur scared! lol! :) any info would be great if u find any... :)
  3. L

    B Medical Radiation Physics?

    has anyone else applied for, or interested in this course? what does it involve? where does it take you? i.e. with this degree do u end up in research? or do u become a Medical Imaging Technologist? ... help ...?
  4. L

    Bachelor of Education/Teaching (Primary)

    when u find out u better let me know... :) i have applied also, and i get the extra three marks too, but not sure that it will be enough...
  5. L

    Ran out of time!

    i didnt have enough time to answer the last question in section one- write about two of the three texts. on top of that i didnt get to conclude section 3, it just stops mid sentence... oops!
  6. L

    how was the exam?

    music 1 was ok, a couple of unusual ones thrown in, but nothing too difficult...