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    cruel intentions 1& 2

    number one was the best..... the second just pointless and was the first one changes and suppost to be a prequel.... couldnt they have made it more original to actually be the prequel.....
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    what's my school ranked?

    funny my school has really gone down over the last 3 years in 2001: in top 50 in 2002: just within top 120 now not even in the list.... with small country schools it quickly changes.... but really it doesnt stop good marks being achieved as long as you are near top in everything...
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    2003 UAIs

    98.25 im heaps happy cause only needed 95 for course.... though a little lower than i was on track in before the exams... but hey who cares still so happy oh and for that mark i got a nice lot of rewards from family...... $500 from grandmother..... new laptop from aunty and $10000 for car...
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    bands for each subject

    i thought it was roughly about that same as previous years....
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    99.** UAI Possible with <90 in Eng Adv?

    yeah there is no prob at all if the others are like your bio (97) or anything close there is more than chance...
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    2003 HSC Marks

    economics .91 band 6 english adv .86 band 5 english ext1 .43 band E3 maths ext1 .93 band E4 maths ext2 .93 band E4 physics .86 band 5 a little lower than expected but still happy
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    UAI prediction please?!?!?!

    yeah you can get over your wanted 85+
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    Can i get a prediction..

    will be interesting to see what the actual UAI is hard to tell with varying marks....
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    UR DESIRED UAI + desired preference

    yeah i would like 99+ for scholarships and do law..
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    economics 2003

    i had no idea of that equilibruim income one when i saw it but i just adapted the second question on it to fit in with it... the c+i
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    Multiple Choice

    from that 19/20 there is always a stupid mistake in there damn natural rate of unemployment i always forgot that one.. oh well.. still great.
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    Raw Marks

    economics was my best exam since in half yearlies and trial i got 99 and 97 respectively and the bonus was that the 2 essays the trial where the same as this mornings and i got ful marks for both in trial only hoping same marking i hope for 90+ and hopefully could be 95+
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    inflation essay

    my focus was on monetary policy namely pre epmtive monetary policy, then talked also about fiscal very breifly but how it is not used much and more focused on surpluses. then a few pages on micro economic reform polices ie price and incomes, national competitions policy, labour reform and trade...
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    How much?

    11 pages question 26 and 7 pages question 27 but i have medium writing like 10-12 words on aline
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    Estimate UAI..thnx!!

    yeah could easily say high 80's but most likely low 90's
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    question 1 - Genre

    i repeated my self a little bit to in the crime creative too... i think... hopefully not to much or to bad.....