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    most annoying person in an exam room

    most annoying thing would have to be the crappy lil kiddies outside our hall. cos out cantine is built into the hall there is just no escaping the noise. and the teachers were lame and wouldn't fence off any areas. Lil kiddies just don't realise how annoying they are!. also our school is so...
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    Getting Our HSC Results

    can anyone tell me what time and what website we log onto to view our hsc results... i know that date, and i think its the board or studies website.. but what time can we start viewing??
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    scaling and the bands

    if that's the case... i'm really hoping for a band 5... plz plz plz plz!!!
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    This exam was a JOKE!

    i didn't think it was THAT easy.... yeah the questions were easy, but they were trikky, like having the question in m and then a measurement in cm. I always bomb out on those questions, cos i panic and rush it... then don't realise untill i get out of the exam..... oh well maybe they will give a...
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    how hard was THAT?!

    that was HARD! we never learnt about biocomponent yarns!!! so i just had to b/s my way through it!. also wat was wit the 1st question?? the one about what is globalisation... what has that got to do with ANYTHING? I think whoever wrote that test has got it all messed up, what about the stacks of...
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    the exam... how'd u go?

    I was the same! most of the stuff i had studied wasn't in there, but i b/s'ed my way through it. Did anyone else do Disasters? i thought that was so hard! much harder than pervious tests i have looked at! And of course i hadn't done the experiment, so had to make that one up.. uh oh!
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    Major T&D project- Help! i need ideas!!

    I've just done my textiles project and the best advice i think i could give is do something small, but add/change something about it that gives it the 'wow' factor. eg. i did a set of 3 cushions with a 3D rainforest scene on the front of each. I chose cushions, something i found easy to make...
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    major works

    I did a set of cushions that had a 3D rainforest design on the front of them. Don't know how i ever thought up the idea... and i was so sick of looking at them by the end of it. did anyone else feel like that? anyways i got into the Texstyle Exhibition... so someone must of liked em!!!
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    visual texts for imaginary journey

    with movies it is easy to list techniques, all u have to do is look at camera angles, lighting, music etc.
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    visual texts for imaginary journey

    what about: Alice in Wonderland? ( ive just done an assignment on this!) Wizard of Oz is also a good one...