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    The Official University of Sydney Toilet Thread

    Eastern Ave toilets are pretty good, I think only first years go to Carslaw toilets because they don't know the Eastern Ave ones exist. I also quite like the quad toilets, nice lighting. They're not excellently clean, but they're okay.
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    At what age (if any) do you plan on having children?

    Late twenties for me too. By then I'll be established in my career, and I'll just do the whole maternity leave thing and return to work. I'll get too bored if I'm a stay-at-home mum.
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    How to become a stockbroker?

    If you don't already, it might be a good idea to have a bit of a play around in the market. The experience might show you whether it's something you're really interested in. For me, the market is a hobby and I wouldn't be interested in a career doing it (maybe later on, who knows) but it's fun...
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    Orientation at UTS

    Thanks Sabrieba, I've decided to go on the Thursday.
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    Orientation at UTS

    I'm doing education at the Kuring Gai campus, is it worth going to the orientation there? I'm working both days and I'm casual so I'd rather work, but if it's important I'll go.
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    HSC 2010 School Rankings

    Woo! go Coffs Harbour Senior College, top 250 this year!
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    semester 2 timetables

    I know, there's a tute on Wednesday that I could go to, but the computer won't allocate it to me. I could just rock up but I'd rather sort it out, incase he just tells me to leave. That'd make the semester awkward.
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    semester 2 timetables

    I have one tute on a Thursday and that's it. I remember somewhere on the usyd site it told me where to go to change my timetable (it won't let me online) but I can't find where it is now. Anyone know where/when it is? and... my lecturer emailed us to say all the tutes are pretty full and it'll...
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    Predictions and Results (Semester 1 2009)

    Three 64s :( fml :(
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    Predictions and Results (Semester 1 2009)

    Ugh, another 64. So sick of 64s :(
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread Oh, the woes of exam stress :(
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread Anyone know where the Robert Brown room is?
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    Double degree.. wanting to drop science degree

    Where do I go to read about that? I find the USYD site a bit messy.
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    Double degree.. wanting to drop science degree

    I'm doing B Science/B Arts and just want to do an arts degree. Can some of my science subjects that I've passed be credited towards my arts degree? Thanks
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread Oh crap. That doesn't give me long to decide :(
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread This is probably up somewhere blaringly obvious but I can't find it.. anyone know when the discontinue not fail date is this semester?
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    Winter Break Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Winter Break '08 Chatter Thread Arg. I'm back :( have to re-enrol and they took away my unikey :(
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    Would you ever have a relationship with a fat person?

    Considering that almost half of the people in Australia are overweight, I think the options are running out. To me, it doesn't matter, but obease is bad. And not being able to walk up stairs, also bad. So yeah, a bit pudgy is fine, but not huge.
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    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread Ooh, someone scan it for the cripple (who can't go into uni to read it)! My father likes to write 'esquire' after his name.