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  1. Trebla

    Looking for BoS trial volunteers

  2. Trebla

    Specialised HSC Sciences (Chem, Bio, Physics, Investigating) TUTORING

    Please advertise your services in one thread only. Do not make new threads but bump/edit existing ones instead. https://boredofstudies.org/threads/attention-tutoring-and-private-colleges-forum-rules-updated-24th-september-2017.276303/
  3. Trebla

    Looking for BoS trial volunteers

    Unfortunately not, but that’s because we don’t have any people who are prepared to write and mark a trial paper. If there are people who specialise in this subject and are willing to do this then we can provide the support to make it happen. Just need to PM me. Maths Adv was done once upon a...
  4. Trebla

    Difficulty Level of these SCOM papers

    Please refrain from excessively bumping your threads every few hours
  5. Trebla

    Looking for BoS trial volunteers

    Are you a past HSC student with strengths in Maths, Business Studies, Chemistry or Physics? Do you want to be play an important role in this year's BoS Trials which are referenced by many students, teachers and tutors across the state? :bosman: Every year we host the BoS trial exam events in...
  6. Trebla

    4u integration qn

    I would like to see an official source comment on the use of out of syllabus methods. Intuitively, I struggle to believe there is much truth to the acceptance of such approaches as it creates all sorts of problems when trying to mark equitably. At best you likely need to derive these "out of...
  7. Trebla

    how exactly will moderation work in this scenario?

    If the goal is to go to James Ruse purely for ATAR reasons then my question back to you is are there enough exogenous factors to make the student inherently smarter or more hard working, because there is no real “boost” from moderation. For example, will a more competitive environment or having...
  8. Trebla

    how exactly will moderation work in this scenario?

    The whole idea of being "boosted" up by the moderation process simply because you go to better performing school is actually a myth. If you are ranked in the middle of an average school on the basis of your internal marks, then one should naturally expect that you will be equivalently ranked...
  9. Trebla

    atar disagreement

    There is this widespread belief that scaling is based on subject difficulty and therefore you should get an "ATAR boost" in more difficult subjects to take advantage of the scaling. This is actually a myth. The most obvious reason why it is a myth, is simply because it is not possible to...
  10. Trebla

    why did I get wrong solns for the trig equation

    When you square both sides, you introduce potential solutions which may not necessarily satisfy the original equation. This occurs because the square root is not unique. For example, if x=-2 then x^2 = 4 so x = -2, 2 so an extra value of x is incorrectly introduced which fails to satisfy the...
  11. Trebla

    Wait and see…too early to confirm anything

    Wait and see…too early to confirm anything
  12. Trebla

    It would be inappropriate for me to publicly reveal the details of a user's disciplinary action...

    It would be inappropriate for me to publicly reveal the details of a user's disciplinary action (particularly at the demand of another user), without any indication on whether they themselves want to have such a public discussion about it. All I can say is that the one day ban has already...
  13. Trebla

    4u integration

    It’s not in syllabus anymore so at best you will be asked to derive the result (you shouldn’t be quoting it) under today’s syllabus. It can be derived normally by trig substitution. This is for the external HSC btw, but your school can make up their own rules on what is allowed for internals...
  14. Trebla

    Tax Rates

    The alternative would be to rent long term. You technically won’t be in long term debt but you’re effectively making regular payments to live in a place in pretty much the same way as if you had a long term debt. Unless you live with your parents rent-free forever then you will inevitably have...
  15. Trebla

    Tax Rates

    For starters, lenders are legally obliged to check that you can afford their mortgage purely on today’s income before they lend to you. However, your income is usually not static over time. For most people, it goes up over time as you get promoted or find other ways to earn money investing etc...
  16. Trebla

    Tax Rates

    It’s actually not as high as you think, once you take into account that most people do it with partners for a combined income. If you and your partner are earning like at least $90k each (before tax and inclusive of bonuses) then it is possible to get a mortgage to cover a $1 million house with...
  17. Trebla

    BoS Easter meet up

    Thanks to those who voted! The clear favourite is Sunday 7th April! Next steps... for those who are serious about coming on that day please send me a PM here to indicate this. I will then create a private group convo where specific details like time and place will be sorted out.
  18. Trebla

    BoS Easter meet up

    Bump for the poll. Will determine the day by end of tomorrow.