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  1. jetfan

    What HSC marks did you get?

    I was really pleased EngAd - 80 Chem - 90 Phys - 92 Maths - 95!! Mathsext - 45(/50) French - 80
  2. jetfan

    do U think I would get an uai of 85 ?

    i thought tho if you did esl you couldnt get a uai
  3. jetfan

    Saw 2

    watched saw2 today, i thought that the first one was a lot better, this one was focused too heavily on shock value and the story suffered a bit, although shawnee smith was fairly good as amanda, abd donnie wahlberg did the best with a fairly stock standard role. My only complaints were the first...
  4. jetfan

    quick raw mark question

    Hey guys, I'm aiming to score a 40/50 for 3 unit, thats what my school assessment mark was, at a selective school, and I was just wondering what raw mark i would roughly have to achieve to get this, thanks in advance
  5. jetfan

    telling the truth- birthday letters HELP

    well english isnt my thig either but heres something at least; http://hsc.csu.edu.au/english/advanced/representation/truth/letters/sectionthree.html
  6. jetfan

    French continuers - how'd you go

    yeah, thought listening was a bugger, apart from that, all good, how bout you guys
  7. jetfan

    Who's the YOUNGEST 2005 HSC Student in here?

    That is heaps weird, I'm also 1st May, 1989. And I'm doing my HSC this year as well. I'm the youngest in my grade by about 6 months, but there was a guy who was 15 when he did his HSC a few years back, but it still feels cool to get it done while I'm 16. :)
  8. jetfan

    equilibrium constant question

    yeah, i just figured that it was balanced, apart from that i'd have been fine, ta
  9. jetfan

    Probability question

    If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head... Big laughs yes, back to work now i suppose
  10. jetfan

    implications of mass increase

    and isnt there the issue similar to the twin paradox, the person in the ship cant make measurements because they will be acceleraating, decelerating, so not in an inertial frame of reference, so the measurements are by people outside of the ship, which means as speed-->infinity, wont the...
  11. jetfan


    well you still have a while until chem, so don;t get too worried, once you start reading your ontes again it will all come flowing back. Just pick 5 or 10 pages to read thru every nw and then, it will eventually get stored in the memory banks
  12. jetfan

    Help with particle accelerator dot pt plz

    thanks for that serge
  13. jetfan

    equilibrium constant question

    Ok i'll tell you how i figured it, if the reactant loses 80%, it goes from 2mol to 0.4 mol. Therefore there is 1.6 mol used up in the reaction. This means that the products must total 1.6mol, and because they are both in the same mole ratio, they must have used 0.8 mol each. Thus the...
  14. jetfan

    citric/acetic acids

    Does is relate to the structure of the citric acid molecule?? CH2-COOH | CH-COOH | CH2-COOH Can each of these donate the H off the end, reacting with the water to make hydronium ions?? Just a thought Edit: Make sure you check the number of H's in my diagram...
  15. jetfan

    equilibrium constant question

    COF2 <-> CF4 + CO2 (all of them are in a gaseous state ) carbon oxyfluoride <-> tetrafluoride + Carbon dioxide okay now to the question: The reaction is carried out at 200 degrees in a fixed-volume 10L container. Initially, there are 2moles of carbon oxyfluoride gas in the flask. At...
  16. jetfan

    Modelling an equilibrium

    well this model only sccounts for a simple reaction, no molr ratios are considered, so we can't show how an equilibrium is affected by a change in pressure, an change in temperature won't affect it either.
  17. jetfan

    Which exam are you most NOT looking forward to?

    Well with both the english papers, i have prepared generic answers from throughout the whole year, so I'm not too worries about that, Chemistry and Physics I went well in my trials and have done well all year, so I'm pretty relaxed about them, plus they're at the end so plenty of time for them...
  18. jetfan

    Who else is feeling it

    What I find odd is that I won;t be depressed or worrie, I just can't sleep, and I don't feel it at all during the day. Probably coz i'm just layin round reading notes and stuff, not much energy required for that. With referene to regretting not studyin heaps, nah, I think that since half...
  19. jetfan

    Who else is feeling it

    I'm calm one day, then shittin my daks the next, it's really weird, I sort of convince myself I'm fine, then wake up and go "holy shit, I need to study" Just wish it was over now
  20. jetfan

    Who else is feeling it

    Over the last few weeks, I have been becoming more and more like an insomniac. I go to sleep at like 1ish then by 6 im wide awake. Hopefully this won't affect me in the long run. Anyone else feeling nerves, got symptoms of these said nerves.