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  1. kaytee91

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    97.10. FUCK YES! sam gave me 96.85 and einstein gave me 96.40
  2. kaytee91

    1 or 2 Related Texts?

    95 for adv, two related texts. the bos can suck my penis. im kidding but seriously, next time should probably read the question to avoid months of stress. good work everyone, hope you all get the atars you need/want!
  3. kaytee91

    Not making it...

    Ill be cut at myself if I dont get the ATAR I want, but i only need 79 to get into my course, so its not the end of the world. It more like, id be pissed at myself for not achieving what I know I couldve if I was so effin lazy. Ha.
  4. kaytee91

    Question B

    In this section is qB a generic question applicable to all the personalities??
  5. kaytee91

    Studying at Kuring-gai

    Hey Im trying to decided where to study next year. Im applying for Primary Education here, but I live in Cronulla, and I was wondering how much of a effort getting there is going to be. Does anyone know anyone from the shire going there? And should I drive or take the train ? sorry for all the...
  6. kaytee91

    Did you study in the Summer holidays?

    I did absolutely nothing. Enjoy them, and maybe just read some of your english texts or something if you feel guilty.
  7. kaytee91

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    This is exactly what I did too.
  8. kaytee91

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    I really liked that exam and i was dreading it. Crime writing q's were epic.
  9. kaytee91

    General Thoughts: Biology

  10. kaytee91

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for that, good luck today.
  11. kaytee91

    Any ideas?

    If i completly eff up bio tomorrow, talking like band 4 level, will it really badly screw my ATAR? Im ranked second with a mark of 90. Im hoping not to, but seems like its quite the possibly.
  12. kaytee91

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    Haha I was counting on it, thanks for taking one for the team lolz
  13. kaytee91

    Section II - Societies

    Just linked it to agriculture, trade, industries and occupations through the storage, workshops found etc. No idea if thats what I was meant to do, just trying to fill my answer out a bit.
  14. kaytee91

    Section II - Societies

    Minoans - epic win. Palace economy was our trial question. Building was a bit of bullshitting after saying the obvious stuff.
  15. kaytee91

    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    Thats bascially it i think, but probably have to name the rooms etc, to get the top marks. You'd have to get some marks for that.
  16. kaytee91

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    I did greek world. Hit up some Themistocles.
  17. kaytee91

    What areas did you study and how many pages did you write?

    I did Minoans, Greekworld 500-440bc, and xerxes.I wrote like 10 pages for each, but my writing is massive, prob like 5-6 with a normal persons writing.
  18. kaytee91

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Pomp and Herc- alright, tourism was a bit of a bitchMinoans- epic winGreekworld 500-440 - not as bad as i thoughtXerxes- was easy, but still managed to eff it up
  19. kaytee91

    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    I thought this was ok. Except for the fullery. I called it a bakery. Good times.
  20. kaytee91

    Section III - Personalities

    I did xerxes.10 marker raped me. Didnt study that enough obviously.Fml.