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  1. Rafy

    Science graduates struggle to find jobs

    The push to encourage more students to enrol in science and technology degrees is dangerous and risks leaving many graduates unemployed, the respected Grattan Institute has warned. A new report by the think tank, to be released on Monday, finds that science enrolments have surged over recent...
  2. Rafy

    Petition to stop students going into debt

    This is somewhat misleading. It's mentioned in brief passing in a reform paper in a discussion on what the various policy options are. It cannot be said from this that Turnbull wants to do it or the government has any sort of policy to do so.
  3. Rafy

    Can assessments be due in the same week as trials?

    To the Board of Studies trials are just like any other internal assessment and there are no special rules governing them. It's up to the school so long as all Board requirements re internal assessment are followed.
  4. Rafy

    Free Opal Trips abolished

    Also there is now a $2 cash back for change of mode.
  5. Rafy

    Free Opal Trips abolished

    It was rather a generous incentive. Most systems don't have any kind of free travel reward. I would have liked them to combine this change with an increased off-peak discount however. That's what IPART recommended.
  6. Rafy

    Free Opal Trips abolished

    Main Opal incentive will now be half price trips after 8 trips. Comes into effect September 5. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/no-more-free-trips-on-opal-card-announces-nsw-transport-minister--andrew-constance-20160517-goxlpb.html
  7. Rafy

    UTS Building 2 redevelopment

  8. Rafy

    2016 Federal Election

    Game on.
  9. Rafy

    "Bamboo Ceiling": Where are all the asians?

    http://www.smh.com.au/national/education/sydneys-finest-asian-australian-students-still-missing-out-on-leadership-roles-20160418-go8w1u.html For the past 20 years in a row, one Sydney high school has taken out the top HSC results in the state. At James Ruse High in Sydney's north-west, an...
  10. Rafy

    move non school back to the top

    feedback noted.
  11. Rafy

    Unable to access thread

    Hi, Could you please provide further information such as what happens when you do try to access it. Are there any error messages for example?
  12. Rafy

    Accepting offers

    Yes you can still get a later offer Always accept your offer and enrol even if you are wanting an offer in a later round. Your earlier offer will lapse if you don't. It's fairly easy to unenrol if you then receive a later offer.
  13. Rafy

    University of Sydney Roll Call 2016

    Welcome to the University of Sydney forum! Welcome back to all the old hands and special greetings to the new students. Please make yourself at home and don't hesitate to contribute or ask questions. If you have a question, please Search the forum first. If you can't find what you're...
  14. Rafy

    Purchasing HSC Papers Back

    You cannot lose marks.
  15. Rafy

    Buying HSC Raw marks... Why is BOSTES taking so long?

    Yes seriously. There is no risk of losing marks.
  16. Rafy

    Buying HSC Raw marks... Why is BOSTES taking so long?

    You cannot lose marks only gain them.
  17. Rafy

    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    Share your ATAR here! University study, applications and other further study options can be discussed in our extensive tertiary education forums. Queries and discussion on UAC preferences and university courses should be directed there. >>> Tertiary education forum UAC Preferences for...
  18. Rafy

    Top 100 Schools

    Published in the SMH 17/12