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  1. Hagaren

    Recovering from a very bad result.

    I started out doing an arts degree at a university outside of Sydney (low entrance mark requirements - my ATAR was actually terrible and I got in through a very high STAT score and waiting 12 months to go to uni - I'm not sure that this is still an available pathway) did my electives in...
  2. Hagaren

    Recovering from a very bad result.

    Bro, my very bad result was the entire HSC. I have recovered. You will be OK.
  3. Hagaren

    What is your iq?

    131 - really not all its cracked up to be
  4. Hagaren

    Tips for applying into overseas uni's (Like Oxford or Cambridge)

    be rich. my advice - do well at an Aus uni and save your cash - do a post grad course overseas i.e. MBA.
  5. Hagaren

    I really need a 99 atar

    nah you don't fam, my ATAR wasn't worth the paper it was written on and I'm doing just fine. Obviously don't waste your time (like i did) and actually put in a respectable amount of effort - but there's likely more ways to get to where you want to than you are currently aware of.
  6. Hagaren

    Year 11 taking its toll

    Mate, I did sweet fuck all in high-school and my life has been relatively successful and enjoyable.
  7. Hagaren

    ATAR estimate for 1st in everything

    ATAR 98.45 Social skills *
  8. Hagaren

    what to do if you do terrible in year 12

    Become an electrician, good money and easy on the body as you age. If you decide to go to Uni later you could possibly do electrical engineering or something to build on your practical skillset - or just do cashies on the side whilst you study as a mature age student. Work as a correctional...
  9. Hagaren

    Some helpful advice needed pls!

  10. Hagaren

    Is commerce/engineering a good combination?

    I have friends who have done it with jobs at Macquarie, they were legitimately interested in both as a career though.
  11. Hagaren

    Maximum points for EAS

    I'd estimate at least half the people that get it are dealing with shit that isn't exceptional...
  12. Hagaren

    The Superannuation Thread

    I personally couldn't have and I'd say the same is true for most people, it used to be $1500 for $1000 if you were that gun at investing during and pre-uni i'd hate to think how successful you probably are now. The only shares I've made serious money off are CBA and Macquarie, which I stuck...
  13. Hagaren

    Maximum points for EAS

    Fuck EAS is a joke
  14. Hagaren

    Will I survive Newstep?

    Chenist is math based. I'd suggest you stick to school - sort yourself out and focus on what you want to achieve if you are organised with assessments and put the work in its almost impossible to get less than 60 which is all you need to get into teaching. If you just miss out enrol in arts and...
  15. Hagaren

    Can I still get an ATAR of 80?

    nah m8 u r fuked, 79.95 max if ur lucky and half the state dies.
  16. Hagaren

    Thoughts on wearing a white suit to formal?

    If you don't have the confidence not to have to ask, you probably can't pull it off. I wish I wore a novelty suit, like the floral ones you buy at lowes in hindsight.
  17. Hagaren

    The Superannuation Thread

    Last count I have around 30k in super, about 8k is voluntary. Gov co-contributions make up about 10k. 7-8k from employment and the rest has been in growth. It's also been paying for my income and tpd insurance for the past two years.
  18. Hagaren

    I have a copy cat friend....

    Really? my first thought was that internet is wasted on the first world.
  19. Hagaren

    What does it mean when my crushes good friend looks at me?

    reported for use of offensive language