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  1. peepee

    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread)

    oh yeh you can also have my compendium for MPO for $10. there's a bit of scribbling in it but maybe that would be helpful in future tutes...
  2. peepee

    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread)

    i've got that wanna buy it off me? $50. it's seriously in pristine condition...contacted and all i also have Economic Principles (Jackson et. al.)....$35 and Managing and Organisations (Clegg et. al.)....$35 if anyone is interested, PM me :)
  3. peepee

    Autumn 2006 Final Examination Timetable

    Re: Autumn 2006 Provisional Examination Timetable hey what's the go with the exams on Saturday afternoons...ok that is bearable i guess but Friday NIGHTS! Economics for Business - Friday 23rd June (the day after MPO) 6pm - 9.10pm rarrr!
  4. peepee

    Great places to eat and fun things to do near UTS

    Re: Great places to eat and fun things to do nearby UTS ...silence... i think people are scared. i know i am.
  5. peepee

    BBusiness (First Year Subjects) Overview

    i don't like jon. if he stopped making sex jokes we could be out of there by 7pm instead of 8pm tiru however...i love him.
  6. peepee

    The Accounting Thread

    i would consider performing favours for these answers.
  7. peepee

    The MPO Thread

    oh jasee i could get started but i will refrain... ...until AFTER the first submission :)
  8. peepee

    The MPO Thread

    with two weeks until the first debate is due, how are you guys going? i'm going shit.
  9. peepee

    Help!!! Tranfering from Architecture to Business at UTS?

    UAC still take your UAI into consideration...you're still a year 12 applicant if applying mid-year after the year you completed year 12 i'd say if there are vacancies you have a pretty good chance (but don't come after me if it doesn't work out :) ) good luck
  10. peepee

    The MPO Thread

    man blue sounds like it sucks lol i don't even know what that means hey jasee, i'm doing green :)
  11. peepee


    hey mate yeh i have the same copy technically it is not the correct copy because its not UPDATED... there is quite a bit of discussion about this on the Discussion Board for Accounting for Business on UTSOnline i believe everything in the copy that you and i have is the same as this...
  12. peepee

    timetables for MPO and ISP

    is it just me or does the MPO book really suck arse i can't stand it i read 2 pages and that's it also, that book that Emma Bowyer wrote...biggest piece of crap ever. i got it off a former student so guys, don't waste your money lol
  13. peepee

    Big Heavy Textbooks!!

    HEY i've got that monster-sized BIOLOGY BY KNOX ET AL brand new, never been used anyone interested? yes i realise i'm in the wrong forum but since unistudent mentioned it....
  14. peepee

    tutes in the first week

    yeah looks like it, i just got confused because of some bozo at the business faculty welcome i think i'll just follow the timetable...no tute for MPO first week, tute for MF first week.
  15. peepee

    tutes in the first week

    thanks jasee my tut is before my lecture though....tut at 15.00, lecture at 16.00...hmph ifsonotso_100, looks like yours isn't on until next monday
  16. peepee

    tutes in the first week

    some person at the business faculty welcome whose name i don't remember, said that in the first week, there are tutes for Managing People and Organisations my tute is on Mon 15.00, CM05C.02.54, and is apparantly on weeks 6/3-10/4, 24/4-5/6 so is it on or not? i should probably just follow...
  17. peepee

    that business faculty welcome

    ipods, movie tickets, gym memberships scones were good, but the rest of the food was pretty ugh yeh so you didn't miss out on anything!
  18. peepee

    that business faculty welcome

    yeah it was pretty shit lol nah it was ok, didn't really learn anything i didn't already know though and there were freebies, but i didn't win anything so yeah you didn't miss out on anything!
  19. peepee

    that business faculty welcome

    yeh i haven't gone on my lunch breaks all week so i'm entitled to leave work early today, and i'm already in the city so i'm gonna go i'll tell you how shit it is
  20. peepee

    that business faculty welcome

    the one that's on today at 3pm who's going?