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  1. astro boy

    Anyone goping Big Day Out

    im goin cant wait to see foo fighters, QOTSA, sparta and everything else
  2. astro boy

    Bands that you hate

    ughhh i hate the androids
  3. astro boy

    Ne1 get a uai below 80

    im doing something at UWS and probably if i do well enough ill transfer uni's if i dont like where im at
  4. astro boy

    clerical recheck

    is anyone going to bother sending of for one? does anyone know what happens if you get more marks? does your uai change? can you be sent back a mark worse than what you originaly got?
  5. astro boy

    Bands that you hate

    1.taxi ride 2. pennywise 3. powderfinger 4. one dollar short 5. A (yes theres a band called A)
  6. astro boy

    Second time round

    even if the tests are harder you have an advantage over the other students who are sitting the hsc for the first time and since there is an emphasis on ranking you would still do better than if it was your first time doing hsc
  7. astro boy

    Studies of Religion 1 ... who done it here

    SOR was wierd for me as even tho i didnt study, didnt care and left right on the hour mark i still got 38/50, i dont think its right did i just get pulled up by the rest of my grade?
  8. astro boy

    i am so screwed

    some course cut-offs are also determined by the uni rather than the supply and demand. Just look at university of canberra's cut-offs in the uac book. a lot of them are the same (73.00, 80.00) and most of the cut-offs didnt rise from the year before
  9. astro boy

    Second time round

    i was thinking about doing it again but i think ill just get a transfer if i dont get what or where i want but then again if you did it again it would be a lot easier than the first time regardless if you work harder
  10. astro boy

    who got above 90 for their UAI here?

    just play with lazseeker with some made up marks to see what u need to get over 90
  11. astro boy

    School Stereotypes

    did anyone have hardass wiggas at there school? like white people who try to be black and say that they lcame from the bronx?
  12. astro boy

    fly tv vs recovery

    the goofy guy with the eyebrow ring was dillan lewis wasnt it?
  13. astro boy

    fly tv vs recovery

    which show is better? recovery or the new fly tv? i vote recovery! although i still like fly tv alot
  14. astro boy

    School Stereotypes

    hahaha godzillas! we had none of those
  15. astro boy

    whats the best & worst concert / live act you've ever been to?

    i went and saw You am i and the Dirtbombs and the Eastwood Hotel last night and it was rockin!
  16. astro boy

    School Stereotypes

    we had nerds in every stereotype and there wasnt just a group of nerds. most of the nerds were in the trenchcoat mafia because they where allways hacking into the schools computers and everyone was afraid that they would one day go on a murderous rampage
  17. astro boy

    HSC Meet - Discussion

    is it invites only hehhee
  18. astro boy

    School Stereotypes

    ok ive done school crazes but now i wanna now wat the stereotypes were at ppl's schools were at mine i think we had *the jocks *the muso's (thats my group!) *trenchcoat mafia * the parasites (people that where never invited to things but came anyway) *the wogs (only a few where actualy...
  19. astro boy

    Year 12 PiCS

    here's one of our common room
  20. astro boy

    who has sor as their last exam?

    yeh im sure most of us do sor soley because we are attractive and popular:D