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  1. sugared plum

    Guy question: how do i make my hair do this (pic)

    yeah i like it too, i think don't have all the products to get it that way, just grow it long, from the crown of your head. you just gotta experiment. if you're going to hair dresser make sure it's a uneven/messy cut, not razor or thinning scissors necessarily. and have cool hats ready for...
  2. sugared plum

    llb with "honours"

    i remember reading something about this but have forgotten where/what it said. *how do you get " LLB (Honours) " ? ie another year, or some kind of grade average? if so what?
  3. sugared plum

    Islamic woman and licence photo

    that's weird. the other week i saw a move about afghanistan, and there was a woman who'd lost use of both legs, and wanted to get a pension or something. so she went to this place, and had her photo taken, and for the photograph she removed her total face covering in front of the male...
  4. sugared plum

    The Death Penalty 2005

    http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/article.php?scid=8&did=478 botched executions, not for the un-sickinterestinpeoplebeingkilled
  5. sugared plum

    Student ticketed after wearing dress to prom will fight back

    so if the guy he went with was gay, why did he have to be so ultra feminine? he could have just gone as a guy, and danced with him whatever
  6. sugared plum

    bronzers etc

    yeah agreed with not liking fake tan. there's this brush on sun thing by clinique in a yellow box, it's really, gold and nice
  7. sugared plum

    Facial cleansers/products

    ooh exciting. i have a love/hate relationship with medical profession, but i do love the access to chemicals and scientific equipment
  8. sugared plum

    Facial cleansers/products

    it's weird hey. maybe yr derm. presumes it won't be a problem for you? a while ago i asked my dad (chemist) if i could have a tube, like to use it like you every so often and he went off ranting about the problems...
  9. sugared plum

    Facial cleansers/products

    it's because it is an antibiotic which actually kills the bacteria which causes the pimple. it's kinda bad to just use it when you get a bad pimple, because theoretically, people who need clindamycin have acne all over, and thus you're meant to apply it all over. but more serious problem is if...
  10. sugared plum

    Facial cleansers/products

    clinique !
  11. sugared plum

    wat happens to blonde hair when u dye it brown??

    i always do my hair myself, or with my sister, but the last time i had a voucher so went to the hair dresser and she was like, if you go blonde to brown you have to strip it first because otherwise the colour won't stay. and when i think about it that's true, it has happened to me, but if it...
  12. sugared plum

    I applied for a job today

    yeah i was thinking about how unfair it is. it just perpetuates the employed & unemployed cycle, cos people get experience working for thier parents etc. just go on the dole and do voluntary work in the meantime then you will have money and experience.
  13. sugared plum

    Interview with Richard Beasley, author/barrister

    he should have stood in front of his books. the windows, computers etc remind me of lowfunded country gov't highschools
  14. sugared plum

    aus man (douglas wood) being held hostage in iraq?

    dude most of us fully realise what you are saying, and see it is based on ignorance and racial hatred. clearly it is a waste of time trying to convince you otherwise, but at least we won't have left the vilification you are tarnished this forum with unchallenged.
  15. sugared plum

    aus man (douglas wood) being held hostage in iraq?

    this does not hold for obvious reasons. things don't happen purely because majority wants it; moreover related to who holds power/knowledge. how some europeans viewed aboriginal people, and by extension how they viewed their relationship with the land are related matters - many europeans...
  16. sugared plum

    The Budget

    the thing is though it's heaps hard to say someone is capable of no working/working 15 hrs a week. the drs who assess people are totally inadequate, if they actually assess people. i know a lot of people with DSP who just filled in the forms - never went to interview or anything and have a...
  17. sugared plum

    aus man (douglas wood) being held hostage in iraq?

    it WAS wrong then from some perspectives. there are heaps of sources from english, aboriginal which dispute what was happening. do you honestly believe there was this overriding conviction that white supremacy was the natural order? that no one disagreed? that the entire world including...
  18. sugared plum


    hmm piano is not overly useful for them - they want organists, choir people, or orchestra players. so learn the organ it is exciting. to get more details you have to go to the list of colleges at the oxford website, and check them out, one by one. i cannot be bothered doing that for you...
  19. sugared plum

    aus man (douglas wood) being held hostage in iraq?

    myth- aboriginal people get heaps of centrelink payments and are dole bludgers fact- aboriginal people are among the most often rejected by centrelink, for administrative things by not filling the form out correctly, and constitute about the smallest group of people who successfully appeal...
  20. sugared plum

    aus man (douglas wood) being held hostage in iraq?

    there are 2 main problems with that suggestion: 1) if you just give aboriginal people some land which has been virtually destroyed by overfarming, overfishing, logging, pollution etc you cannot expect them to survive. european settlement has destroyed any chance aboriginal people have of living...