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  1. MoonlightSonata

    Can you just do straight law?

    Yes it was cute. But when people search for threads already on the topic, it will be easier for them to find this discussion under the current thread title.
  2. MoonlightSonata

    Difficulty of Elective Subjects

    Electives range in difficulty. In general I have found that they are not more and not less difficult than core subjects. That said, clearly some core subjects are more difficult than others -- such as property and equity. As to taking electives that rely on knowledge developed in core subjects...
  3. MoonlightSonata

    Merits of Melbourne Uni

    Please avoid posting silly assertions without some justification. We don't want to confuse people.
  4. MoonlightSonata

    Merits of Melbourne Uni

    Well, I don't know about the best in the country. That's a very difficult thing to measure. But as far as I understand it, the University of Melbourne is a fantastic university and has a very high reputation for law. (Indeed it was attended by Australia's greatest jurist, Sir Owen Dixon!) But...
  5. MoonlightSonata

    Job prospects with bad contract A marks

    I meant distinction average law WAM. This isn't some concrete cut-off which if you don't meet you won't get into a large commercial firm -- it's just a milestone which I think one should aim for to be competitive. There are of course other factors.
  6. MoonlightSonata

    Job prospects with bad contract A marks

    A pass for any law subject is pretty bad, but simply because you get a pass (even for 'Contracts A') doesn't write off your chances. It's not too good, but they aren't going to just throw your application in the bin. The same goes for legal introductory subjects. Overall marks are more...
  7. MoonlightSonata

    Law/International Studies

    This is the second time the threads have been merged due to the same topic. Please do not start a new thread again. Thank you.
  8. MoonlightSonata

    FedCon question - Re Webster

    Looking at his judgment, he doesn't say the obligations are different per se. What I think he is saying is that the purpose behind s 44(v) Constitution is not the same purpose as the justification behind the disqualification in local council legislation dealing with disqualification of members...
  9. MoonlightSonata

    Escaping UWS?

    Thanks :D
  10. MoonlightSonata

    Escaping UWS?

    I assume you mean accounting...? You mentioned 'Big 4' -- that is a term that relates to the four major accounting firms. Accounting and university preference is a whole different ballpark than legal employment
  11. MoonlightSonata

    Escaping UWS?

    Suspicion might also arise by virtue of the fact that it was published by the Telegraph...
  12. MoonlightSonata

    Escaping UWS?

    Keep it civilised please.
  13. MoonlightSonata

    Best Law Schools

    Just a note -- I have experience studying at both universities. First year classes are around 30-35 students, later years around 40-45 students, final year electives around 50-55 students. We do not have any lectures. The way most law schools work is to hold a lecture, where a large number of...
  14. MoonlightSonata

    Best Law Schools

    You can't really go wrong with either. Perhaps considering your Arts interests USyd might be the better choice for you. Also, you might like to go and visit each campus to get a feel for the atmosphere, if you haven't done so already.
  15. MoonlightSonata

    Best Law Schools

    Both - USyd and UNSW are roughly equal first in terms of law school reputation in NSW. - Both will provide you with excellent employment opportunities, and both universities are very competitive at the top-tier firm level. - Both will provide you with brand new law buildings, although USyd is...
  16. MoonlightSonata

    Drugs in the legal profession

    Re: Lawyers doing coke? NO WAY! .
  17. MoonlightSonata

    Judge "jerry" gives artists the word

    Haha I can just imagine the look on the rest of the HC judge's faces reading this article...
  18. MoonlightSonata

    Extraditing pirates (of the intellectual property infringing nature)

    Jesus that is indeed bizarre. They should set Justice Young on Chris Ellison. His Honour would eat him for breakfast.
  19. MoonlightSonata

    Quitting junior lawyers find a voice

    That's not really true. Whilst accountants are certainly in more demand than lawyers, the law recruitment market is strong. .
  20. MoonlightSonata

    A fall, a rape and $240,000 in compensation

    Transcript: ABC Radio National, 'A case of 'but for...' The Law Report, 1 May 2007