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    Specifically what Mathematics knowledge is required for Computer Science?

    It varies depending on unis but the differences: Obviously software development will have a big focus on exactly that, ie software development. That means not only programming but the entire software development cycle and project management. Information systems on the other hand probably has a...
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    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    Unlike blatant dives, he didnt claim a foul nor did the ref book him which indicates he didnt find it to be a dive. As someone thats seen an achilles snap in person while playing from a similar 'tiny tap' I can tell you theres definite temporary pain that comes from getting half a boot of studs...
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    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    If you watch it on slow mo its pretty obvious the paraguay players left foot cliped his ankle with his studs. I know my first reaction was he dived but when you focus on the paraguay players foot rather than De Rossi its obvious he was clipped. On the topic of Italy, despite the 1-1 result I...
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    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    If you remember the 2002 world cup it was largely shown on channel 9 (or 7, cant remember now). I assume this to be because the matches were being played at aussie prime time, since japan/korea are only 2 hours behind us. So I dont think they would be much interested in showing a world cup...
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    Racist comments from Simon Fuller - Cameraman Incident

    No, I trust Needham because he is an actual authority on the development of embryological thought in history. In laymans terms, he is more knowledgeable about who said what and when they said it. Studying a science doesnt make you an expert in the history of that science. Furthermore the...
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    Racist comments from Simon Fuller - Cameraman Incident

    You seriously need a history lesson if you think Arab society had no knowledge of Greek philosophy/science prior to texts being translated to Arabic. Also grats on only posting a tiny amount of what the quran says about the topic. There are so many things said in the quran that so blatantly...
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    Racist comments from Simon Fuller - Cameraman Incident

    Most of the 'embryo' miraculous revelations in the quran pretty much mimic and are a much much more simplified version of the works of Galen (and other Greek philosophers/scientists) Shocking revelation: Galen and the others were around some 400 years before Islam was formed! Another shocking...
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    I want someone to tear apart this website...

    Well what are the arguments that its valid truth? If you're saying the things you posted after this paragraph are your arguments then none of it is in the slightest bit convincing that its truth. Believing its true doesnt make it so. I agree some people genuinely believe their religion is...
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    Anyone here a Mac user?

    I dont know why anyone would willingly code in Windows except maybe C#/.NET.
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    IT majors

    It depends what kind of job you want. But generally you'll find for graduate jobs your major doesnt matter too much, usually they just specify you have some sort of IT degree. Accounting and Financial Management would be useful if youre looking at getting IT related jobs at auditing firms such...
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    Gender inequality

    I've actually found it to be the complete opposite to this from personal experience. I was offered a job at KPMG, the two interviewers who were Partners (basically joint owners) in the division I was applying for were both female. Similarly I was at IBM for 8 hours yesterday, like 3/4 of the...
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    Atkinson quits + Rudd roasts Conroy

    In non-Islamic news... Two issues I've been personally following pretty closely have had some good news recently. Attorney-General Michael Atkinson quits front bench | Adelaide Now About time. Rudd roasts Conroy over the national broadband report | The Australian Seems Rudd got a bit shaken...
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    Just curious.

    Thats not a generalisation at all. Do you realise how small the percentage of converts are compared to people born into a religion? Less than 3% of new adherants to Islam, for example, were as a result of conversion in a 10 year period. Thats tiny compared to the 22 million that were simply born...
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    Just curious.

    Because your poll implies you can only be one of those 3 things and that they're all conflicting, so people that are atheist and humanist would probably be more likely to choose atheist, same as agnostic and humanist. It wouldve been better to allow multiple options.
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    counting characters

    Theres a few ways to do it if im understanding your problem. For example: I'm assuming by number you mean integer, so: A number has 7 characters if it is > 999999 and < 10000000 A number has 8 characters if its > 9999999 and < 100000000 etc It's probably not the nicest way to do it but it...
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    Worth going?

    It depends, are you tossing up between higher or normal? If so its worth going, if not then theres nothing they wont tell you in your first lecture in week 1.
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    HELP with Program Welcomes!!!

    You wont miss anything important if you dont go. All it will be is welcoming speeches and walking around getting to know various buildings. Things like textbooks needed etc will be discussed by your lecturer when classes start. If you can make it, go for it but dont stress if you're just...
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    Question on Exam period.

    They're worse. You get far less time to prepare, theres no nice long break between end of classes and exams. Hell theres no break at all anymore, exams can start the week after your final class if youre unlucky. And you could easily have them all on consecutive days, sometimes 2 in a day. Exam...
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    Difference between computing/higher computing for employer?

    I know this is an oldish topic but...the Distinction in normal would be much, much better. It's pointless doing a higher subject if youre just going to scrape a pass, especially considering a lot of them tend to scale up marks a bit so you really did worse than your final grade. In terms of...
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    Specifically what Mathematics knowledge is required for Computer Science?

    I haven't read most of the posts in here other than the OP so sorry if im repeating, but speaking from a UNSW perspective from someone that just graduated from a computer science/maths degree: - The only 'MATH' courses you have to take 1A, 1B and Discrete, all first year courses. You can take...