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  1. isabella05


    Detailed notes (with statistics) for economics HSC Topic 2!
  2. isabella05

    Would anyone be willing to mark my economics essay?

    I have these essay questions due Thursday and I hope someone will freely mark my essay, it would be a HUGE help :) I won't post the essay here due to copyright reasons, but if you respond and want to be my lifesaver I'll send you both the essay and outcomes assessed. Thanks!!!
  3. isabella05

    Are trade blocs and free trade agreements the same thing?

    Help! I can’t find specifically whether FTAs and trade blocs are the same thing or not! Let me know ASAP thank you!!
  4. isabella05

    Help with structuring research task?

    Hi, I have a chemistry report due very soon, and it's a research task on biodiesel and bioethanol fuels in transport. How would I structure the report? It's only 1000 words, and I am not sure what to include the discussion. Here's the actual research question: Is biodiesel superior to...
  5. isabella05

    Help with economics essay question?

    Help! I have my economics task due very soon, and there is this one question where I struggle to decide how in-depth I should talk about specific benefits, or if I should just be very general. I want to include statistics, but it's very difficult (I've chosen ChAFTA for bilateral) to include...
  6. isabella05

    Should I drop my maths level?

    I'm very indecisive so by keeping maths advanced I would be keeping my uni options open, but I fear that even if I try hard I can't get a good ATAR because I would be scaled down. I didn't pay much attention this year, and in the past I don't really think I have a good foundation in the subject...
  7. isabella05

    Should I drop my maths level?

    I'm about to begin year 12, and one thing I've noticed is all year I've slacked off in maths advanced. I failed 2 exams in year 11, the others barley a pass, and I struggle understanding mathematical concepts - this is partially because of my laziness and lack of trying, but also I've found that...
  8. isabella05

    Help!! General maths not being a thing anymore..

    I'm currently in year 11 and in advanced maths. Rather than doing maths standard, I remembered having general maths as an option in year 10. I've switched schools since then, and the syllabus for general maths no longer exists. I want to drop to general maths in year 12. Is there another name...
  9. isabella05

    Chemistry assignment on seperation techniques, help!

    It's for an assessment task, and I would prefer something a little more difficult. We have already demonstrated simple seperations like salt/water or ethanol/water in class. Any other ideas?
  10. isabella05

    Chemistry assignment on seperation techniques, help!

    I really need help coming up with an idea for a seperation in-class task I have to do in about two weeks! What is a simple yet not too common pair of substances I could seperate? (I am pretty sure one of the two has to be water soluble! Can be any seperation technique)