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  1. mizz_smee


    i come from the central coast... i catch the train... u get alot of work down like reading and stuff... like stacie said though it can take a long time some days i especially love it when trains just dont show up... but since the new timetable i think that it is alot better then before...
  2. mizz_smee


    i hate uni exams.... in educ 1004 we sat around waiting for an hour for no apparent reason then when we were in the lecture theatre we were all crammed together coz the dodgy exam supervisors didnt leave a seat inbetween people
  3. mizz_smee

    the OC

    long time no see ppl... cant be bothered to read back but yeah... not downloading the new episodes... im gunna wait!!! is the new season good or bad IF ANY GIVES ME A SPOILER ILL KICK YOUR ARSE!
  4. mizz_smee

    official newcastle uni students thread

    1st yr... teaching/design n tech EDUC1004 EDUC1006 DESN2211 IDEA1490 (i dunno something like that... its workshop... mmm... welding..mmm)
  5. mizz_smee

    the OC

    well i expected a whole lot more shit in this thread then what i found it seems quite dead... hmmmm oh how i miss the oc... cant be bothered to read back when can i start to download it?
  6. mizz_smee

    Schoolies: to do list :)

    DON'T PLAN SHIT! the randomness of schoolies is wat made mine the best week ever... and those who plan on sleeping... get over it now u probs get 1 hour maybe 2 a night sleep when ya get home
  7. mizz_smee

    the OC

    can it be adam brody handcuffed to the elephant?!?!?! now theres a dream ha ha ha ha
  8. mizz_smee

    The Amazing Race 7

    holy shit... i want just one chance... 4 would be like WOW! and they dont have to be in it... in fact they just shouldnt ask them
  9. mizz_smee

    The Amazing Race 7

    i dont want family... all stars sounds awesome although seeing two teenagers going at it with each other would be hilarious. i can imagine them getting so much more uptight then the parents about what the others think and say towards them.
  10. mizz_smee

    the OC

    ha ha elephant i love it... i can see his sexy arse on that thing. maybe with me as well ?!?!?! :D!
  11. mizz_smee

    The Mole

    grant bowler was the shit.... there was no reason to get rid of him.
  12. mizz_smee

    The Mole

    hot great outdoors dude... who won dancing with the stars two
  13. mizz_smee

    the OC

    school... who wants to talk about school? coz i sure as hell know i dont!
  14. mizz_smee

    Autonomy Day!

    i had to sit in workshop this morning which looks directly over bar on the hill from 9-12 we were all in pain looking at everyone having fun and drinking and hearing iron man.... damn classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. mizz_smee

    The Mole

    i liked grant bowler he rocked... although i love looking at the sexy tom williams i dont think he suits the show
  16. mizz_smee

    Skinny Leg Jeans

    i have skinnyleg lees... not supertubes... they are too skinny for me i think they are really comfortable and look good on me... but i dunno what other people think i know a few guys who have girls skinny leg jeans especially this one guy is has tsubi ones with silk on the inside(great...
  17. mizz_smee

    What do you look for in the opposite sex?

    im 180 to like OMG!!!!!! nah i hate my height... at clubs i feel really out of place i just wanna wear high heels and not tower over practically every person i see
  18. mizz_smee

    Parking Issues

    i know im not driving coz i dont have enough money i spend too much money when im not at uni
  19. mizz_smee

    the OC

    i havent posted in ages... im insulted no where near as much as i used to
  20. mizz_smee

    the OC

    shit shit shit.... and guess what more SHIT!!! that wat this thread is all about!