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  1. sugaryblue

    Any one getting money of their websites or blog?

    i am interested in that, but i cannot see anythign related to this on the UNSW career website?
  2. sugaryblue

    Best time of job opportunities?

    If you'd like to get a job easy, the best time to do it is when all the shops are hiring Christmas Casuals, that's when all the opportunities kick in. they usually do it around September, october, good luck!
  3. sugaryblue

    how many hours do you work per month?

    Hi Orange Juice!! long time no see :D how are you????? whoaaa... do you mind telling me which uni offers that. thanks :D
  4. sugaryblue

    how many hours do you work per month?

    i am working on a full time basis. my irregular hours of the job means that my full month of flying can be anything from around 70 hours to 90 flying hours, those hours are only calculated from engine turned on to shut down, accumulated from all the flights. does that make better sense???
  5. sugaryblue

    CityRail Discussion

    that happened to me once~!!! shxtty rail :(
  6. sugaryblue

    how many hours do you work per month?

    i fly around and am only calculating flying hours only. that's considered full time Would like to ask those who are working >100 hours and who are doing uni, how do you guys manage?? does your course involve any distant learning? coz i am considering doing that.
  7. sugaryblue

    how many hours do you work per month?

    For me, full time works around 70 --> 90 hours per month
  8. sugaryblue


    yeah i've been to all three. the hk one just sux big time!!! the moment i stepped inside the 'magic' square, i knew my dollars have gone wasted. The LA one was quite good. and in a day, we played like 12 games or something, quite satisfied. but it was expensive though. can't really...
  9. sugaryblue

    SE Asia next February

    Thailand's good for massages and shopping, food's nice and cheap but you've gotta be careful where you eat Singapore's very clean, relatively cheap for shopping but only slightly less expensive than Aus, and of course food's nice and cheap in SIngapore as well... you can even eat on the...
  10. sugaryblue

    Hong Kong

    hehe Hong Kong... ummm... where should i start?? if you'd like to do exquisit shopping, i would say, go for Tsim sa Tsui and Central. Causeway Bay is good in terms of both exquisit and bargain hunting. but definitely go to Mongkok to do some bargain hunting (temple street or Ladies...
  11. sugaryblue

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Age: 20 job: flight attendant wage: base salary + whatever outport allowances
  12. sugaryblue

    Your dream shoes!

    i love these, but the photo doesn't do them justice
  13. sugaryblue

    How much do u spend?

    wayyyyyyy too much!! it's hard to live on budget these days
  14. sugaryblue

    Tax Online

    how come they won't let me lodge it online??
  15. sugaryblue

    w00t!!! a job!!

    Congratulations!! They might like you sooo much that after one week, they wouldn't wanna let you go :D
  16. sugaryblue

    important for workers and those looking for work!

    well i know the boss kept a note book and hours and how much he paid me ;) oh well, i can't be bothered to get my money back though, considered a leesson learnt. :(
  17. sugaryblue

    important for workers and those looking for work!

    wow this is a really good post! does that mean that, umm... since my ex-boss has underpaid me (cash in hand) while using my tax number, i can actually sue him and get my money back?
  18. sugaryblue

    Cadetship applications

    ~sobz~ they never want me :(
  19. sugaryblue

    washing hair once a week?

    ummm... good for water saving campaign... bad for personal hygiene!! Washing hair once a week, MIGHT still be tolerable on some people (depending the length of their hair), but only having a shower once a week sounds a little extreme to me. However, on the other hand, i heard that washing...
  20. sugaryblue

    Make up:S

    i think if u're inexperienced with makeup at first, it's best to go to make up counter and ask them to do the makeup for you on the formal day. like with many cosmetic counters, all you need to do is to purchase some products and they'll give you a free make over!! i reckon Laura Mercier girls...