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  1. PRSOV

    Miriam results

    Hey people you realise because these guys where absolutely cut to the shitters that most of them cried at the end, dom punched one of the producers and they all received like 300,000 pounds in compensation. They edited and cut out most of the stuff that would have made it interesting but due...
  2. PRSOV

    Dallas UMAT prep course

    If it says it goes overtime then it obviously goes overtime!
  3. PRSOV

    2004 target UAI

    yeh aim for 100...but if your not in the top 120 schools you have no chance :(
  4. PRSOV

    Piercings and Tattoos

    1 Cartlidge piercing, 2 lobe piercings... tatttoos are just wrong
  5. PRSOV

    Umat / Dallas Training

    Hi, I recently went to Dallas/Ft worth for a holiday...I must say it is a wonderful place as it differs a lot to the australian culture, just the 14 hr flight is a bit of a pain if ur not flying business/first class... Regards, PR
  6. PRSOV

    How do u know what your school is ranked

    Look in the newspaper derr!!! are u stupid or something ?
  7. PRSOV

    UAI Estimation

    Why even aim for 73, you should be aiming for 100 dude...why even bother then ?
  8. PRSOV

    School ranks

    Get over it buddy
  9. PRSOV


    Try like 60 mate if your lucky
  10. PRSOV

    Am I Doomed To Receive A Bad UAI?

    Your doomed to get a bad UAI, get over it
  11. PRSOV

    theres wrong......and then there is very fucking wrong

    Ive heard of a story exactly the same as this in america, a kid raped his mum after he got off the phone coz she wouldnt let him go out for the night. he was only young too like 15 yrs old. sad sad sad.
  12. PRSOV

    Latham or Howard?

    Howard is a tosser... he promised there would never ever ever be a GST, and what do we have... a GST.
  13. PRSOV

    MSN Messenger problem

    Winston, I have all the time in the world, so... enlighten me... please!
  14. PRSOV

    MSN Messenger problem

    I really have no idea whether I use a proxy or not, and I can't rememer whether I use to use a proxy or not to connect to the internet. How can I remove any or all of the firewalls on my computer, I know for sure it wasn't me who installed them :( Truly_bored how did you get around the...
  15. PRSOV

    MSN Messenger problem

    Hello, Everytime I attempt to log-in to my account on MSN messenger I get the following message and I quote exactly: "MSN Messenger We are unable to sign you in to the .NET Messenger service, possibly because of a problem with your Internet connection. Please try again later...
  16. PRSOV

    VB one day series [ind, aus, zim]

    Zim have no chance of winning the series, itll be india or aus for sure.
  17. PRSOV

    What preference did you get????

    700525 = B Arts @ University of Western Sydney @ Penrith Campus. UAI req. is 60.00.
  18. PRSOV

    Motivation - Goal setting.

    Ive been reading that some students want advice about goal setting, but I decided to make this in its own thread because I think its important, I would like to add my 2 cents. I reckon if you only know one thing about goal setting it should be this regardless of whether you apply it to your...