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  1. Oer

    JCU Interviews

    From what I can tell, offers usually get sent out before mid-November, and interstate interviews are bundled in with everyone else in the first interview round, which is in early December :) hope that helps
  2. Oer

    UNSW full medicine degree to be offered at Port Macquarie campus

    Absolutely, am experiencing that firsthand atm! It's super great
  3. Oer

    UNSW full medicine degree to be offered at Port Macquarie campus

    Every uni is a "national leader" in everything amirite To be fair though, 5 rural clinical schools is a high amount, and they're all well staffed and put together and provide rural opportunities for students, so I don't think it's very laughable
  4. Oer

    UNSW full medicine degree to be offered at Port Macquarie campus

    Can confirm my speculations now, there will be no change in the overall amount of places offered in UNSW Medicine. It's just another option :)
  5. Oer

    UNSW Med Foundations

    First years amirite Probably got a HD But yeah just a supp exam
  6. Oer

    UNSW full medicine degree to be offered at Port Macquarie campus

    Copy pasting my response on MSO "As I said, there are no details on how it would be implemented yet. However, if I were to speculate, UNSW is capped by the government on the amount of CSP places it can offer (as is every other Australian medical school). So even though UNSW has opened up a new...
  7. Oer

    UNSW full medicine degree to be offered at Port Macquarie campus

    Had been talked about for a while, but now it's official - from 2017, there will be places available for students to do the full 6 years of the UNSW BMed/MD at the Port Macquarie campus, with the building of the new Port Macquarie Shared Health Research & Education Centre (PM-SHREC). Just the...
  8. Oer

    Medicine at UNSW or Newcastle JMP

    As I said, if you do your research properly and work hard leading up to/within the year, you can get published (and quite a few do). I just said that it can be harder in that timeframe
  9. Oer

    Medicine at UNSW or Newcastle JMP

    Yeah, it's down to what you want. Personally I like the ILP year, but opting for a shorter degree also makes sense. There is no "better" uni or option.
  10. Oer

    Medicine at UNSW or Newcastle JMP

    Correctamundo Those rumours are kinda coming from the wrong direction. The ILP year is just like any other year in your degree, especially later on: it's only as good as you want to make it. So if you wanted to, you could definitely cruise through it. But there are a lot of opportunities to do...
  11. Oer

    Uts vs unsw pre-med

    Well no, doing a med sci degree is fine if med sci (not med) is what you're actually interested. But I agree that a BSci is more useful and flexible otherwise
  12. Oer

    Uts vs unsw pre-med

    For a maximum of 8 people. I.e. you need an extremely high WAM; and you still need the UMAT. That definitely can't be relied on as option to get into med, it's very unlikely to get it. Very weak reason to choose the course. I would go for a course/uni that I'm comfortable with and know I can do...
  13. Oer

    Best umat preparation course

    Did a quick poke around and I think this is the one he's referring to: http://search.proquest.com/openview/7f0756636717f6fa2ad91e7fd23230ed/1 "Coached candidates had slightly higher UMAT scores on one of the three sections of the test (non-verbal reasoning), but this difference was not...
  14. Oer

    Buses to UNSW

    Or if you're a keen bean and are annoyingly enthusiastic you can go early and never wait more than 5-10 mins for a bus (Inb4 berated by Square and Queen I'M A NERD OK)
  15. Oer

    UNSW Offers

    25% of med offers (for those who don't perform quite as well as the other 75%) come with the condition that you have to sign a contract saying you agree to work for a year in an area of shortage after you graduate (usually means working for a year in a rural area at some point) Those 25% are...
  16. Oer

    UNSW Offers

    Congrats on the offers!!!! :D And if you intend on taking them, I'd like to say welcome to UNSW med woooo :") I'm a current student, and this goes to anyone on the thread, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want a link to the Facebook group; or feel free to post any questions in...
  17. Oer

    Post Your 2016 University Offers Here

    Ooh, musta been a long journey hey. Congrats! Will you be in my year (Class of 2019)?
  18. Oer

    atar + umat cut off for optometry?

    sounds awfully familiar... ;)
  19. Oer

    Griffith Med Sci question

    From what I've seen that GC campus one is true dat competition this year though