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  1. mintyoongi

    I need some help some quotes for my english assessment relating to the American Dream

    I'm using a similar concept except I'm doing the disintegration of the American Dream in GG. I've got a couple of quotes if that is kind of what you're looking for?
  2. mintyoongi

    Class of 2025 (2025 HSC CHAT)

    it's actually so terrifying
  3. mintyoongi


    same omg, I just had my math final and I felt nothing. kinda nervous about my history though since I know nothing about the holocaust and rights and freedoms 😭
  4. mintyoongi

    New Syllabus Consultations - Thoughts?

    what are tas courses?
  5. mintyoongi


    I do that too, it's irritating 😞
  6. mintyoongi

    Signature thing

    oh cool, thank you!
  7. mintyoongi

    Signature thing

    Hiii, Do you need a specific number of messages you send before adding a signature? I don't have the signature button in accounts. Please help 🙏
  8. mintyoongi

    Revision notes *All Subjects*

    Does anyone have any notes for WW2 and the holocaust?? This would be much appreciated 🙏🏽🙏🏽
  9. mintyoongi

    How to study longer?

    you should use active recall so you study better.
  10. mintyoongi

    Subjects for yr 11-12

    I think this depends on the subjects you have already picked as well as what you're interested in. I've heard that legal can be really tough especially if you're not interested in it so choose carefully!
  11. mintyoongi

    i'm all good bro

    i'm all good bro
  12. mintyoongi

    thank you for your notes. I was gonna fail my exams without them 🙏

    thank you for your notes. I was gonna fail my exams without them 🙏
  13. mintyoongi

    what's up bro

    what's up bro