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  1. chip

    Illnesses, injuries, breakages.. what have you got/had??

    Two shoulder reconstructions broken both feet and ankles knocked out and got to go for a ride in the ambulance cause i couldnt feel my legs numerous muscular strains etc and i had the pleasure of having meingicoccal when it was all the rage
  2. chip

    Teenage Flag Burner Visits Kokoda

    vandalising shit and burning the Australian Flag are two different things completly. No one is meant to burn their countries flag.....
  3. chip

    The Weather

    God Dam Hail storms my car got owned
  4. chip

    Train from Melb to Syd

    the overnight one from melb to syd is fun times bar stays open till 1200 or something
  5. chip

    What are you currently Reading?

    I've had to read the lastest in the ellie chronicles (the follow on from the tomorrow series) i just need some closure
  6. chip


    YOFT is different every year however we found it was more about long slow distance runs than sprints... Don't stress if your not up to a gun level of fitness when you join ADFA however it will help if you are at least basically fit... By the end of YOFT everyone will have a good base level...
  7. chip


    Hi guys I'm actually in my second year at ADFA at the moment - third year in the defence force if you have any specific questions fire away and i will try my best to answer them for u
  8. chip

    What are you currently Reading?

    One Bullet Away by Nathanial Fick
  9. chip

    Anyone here in ADFA?

    to bring up an old topic i love hearing peoples misconceived views about adfa my mother holds quite a few and i'm studying here right now way to many things for me to answer on this thread however if anyone wants some answers go for your life and i'll try and answer as many questions as is...
  10. chip


    haha i thought this thread was for something completly different hahah
  11. chip


    i thought it was a little bit of a let down yeh it was good but the first one was better
  12. chip


    i love the 'despite a spate of HIV infections among its actors' line charming just charming
  13. chip


    so you've finished year 12 barbie_bitch? because i though you were in year 12 this year. but if your not we'll be on the same course how cool.... i'm doing NEOC this year and then starting ADFA next year. i was appointed on friday which was cool...... anyways ADFA for me in 2005 after i'm all...
  14. chip

    did u get above 90?

    90.25 english advanced english extension 1 english extension 2 chem maths music legal
  15. chip

    is it too late to ask for special consideration?

    Hello i hate to tell you this but the special sport considerations for most unis are only for people who have represented Australia not just NSW..... it states somewhere that for international level athletes special consideration will be given but then i guess that for each sport (swimming is...
  16. chip


    I'll be a seaman officer as well - specialisation navigation. so you'll know then that navy officers dont go to ADFA until the second year? we spend a year at HMAS Creswell learning about the NAvy and actually spent six months in the fleet. as a result we are commissioned officers when we get to...
  17. chip


    what job are you looking at doing in the navy barbie_bitch? i'm joining the navy so feel free to ask any question you need answered
  18. chip

    Where do you read?

    i like to read of the train dont ask me why i can nearly read a whole book on the way to the city and back
  19. chip


    if you go to ADFA you will you be an officer in either the Army Navy or Air Force you wont be a member of the reserves... so yes you will be in the full time defence force
  20. chip


    i'm going to ADFA i leave on the 19th of jan so you better ask any questions you need answered quick