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    CIVL3614 - HYDROLOGY Past Paper.

    Does anyone have the CIVL3614 - Hydrology Past Quiz or Exam Paper? If so, please message me. Thank you.
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    Sydney uni - Can i CHANGE my TIMETABLE NOW? IS IT TOO LATE???

    Hi, I have decided to start uni after contemplating defferement of my offer, and need to change my timetable that they have personalised and gave me. However, since it will be Week 2 this monday, the system does not allow any changes. I just re-enrolled in uni this week (week 1) and attended...
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    internal rankings and state rank?

    why do u want a state rank in business??? its practically nothing of a subject.
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    UAC Applications are now OPEN.

    i got charged 60 bucks i pressed 28 year 12 option.
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    hey can u hit me a pm, if u made it into med, dent or commerce?

    hey can u hit me a pm, if u made it into med, dent or commerce?
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    Will I still be considered for transfer if Ive been at uni for 2 years but I only....

    Re: Will I still be considered for transfer if Ive been at uni for 2 years but I only I think this guy Sghguos is a fucking joke. So pathetic. He's consistently pissing of this community with his consistent whinining and fucking crying. Stop trolling people with your 700+ bullshit posts mate...
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    Plans after last hsc exam?

    What I am going to do: 1. Get on the cycle: 2013-'14 2. Take a GAP Year: 2014 3. Start UNI: 2015
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    Your Dream Team

    AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM 2006/7. Matthew Hayden Justin Langer Ricky Ponting Damien Martyn Michael Clarke Michael Hussey Andrew Symonds Adam Gilchrist Brett Lee Shane Warne Glenn McGrath anyone disagree?
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    Repeat Year 12 ??? Class of 2013 and 2014???

    Yo waddap - got a mate who is stressin out whether to repeat year 12 or not. He does Legal studies, biology, eng adv, chemistry, business studies. He doesn't want to talk about it too much, but for him to remain anonymous, imma say his marks/ranks so far has given him an atar estimate of 85...
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    Year 12 jersey names - 2013 - the best & the worst of 2013 - exclusive to bos!@#$%^&^

    Do you have an Year 12 Jersey? If so, what is your Jersey Name? What is the best and worst Jersey names you have EVER seen? TROLOLOLOLOL. POST BELOWWW AAAAAND LETS GET STARTED! =P
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    Year 12 2013 Chit Chat Thread

    What to do if you are still uncertain in what you want to do in the future?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 2

    4u was easy but im repeating it this year [repeating yr 12]/ lol jks
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 1

    Im getting 49% in my school mark so far...
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 1

    Reckon this year's 4u exam will be harder or easier?
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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    it was aight
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    GUYS please HELP!!!!!!

    no you wont mate
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    whats the cut off for band 6
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    Listening to notes in bed help?

    what app do you use