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  1. Sandez

    Core Vaules of NSW schools?

    Depends on where you're talking about. :wave:
  2. Sandez

    Best GPS school

    A friend of mine is at Kings on a sporting scholarship, and he's not a racist tool. All his mates are though.
  3. Sandez

    High schools and drugs

    I did drugs once, and only once. Got dobbed in. Got suspended, put on probation, given drug tests and was put on police record. Fuck I hate rangas.
  4. Sandez

    Core Vaules of NSW schools?

    My school is Anglican. :( You can be suspended for wearing the wrong socks, not shaving in 2 days, or having an extra earing.
  5. Sandez

    Section 2

    Re: Fish? Case study for me was W Churchill. I used Watt, Gilbert and Jenkins.
  6. Sandez

    Highest Paying Casual Jobs

    How about jobs that are not based in a city? I've done laboring that pays about $20 an hour.
  7. Sandez

    does anyone else get this?

    OMGHAI2UTOM!!! On topic: Go out with your friends. Make him sleep on the couch. Hide a spare key, lock him out and make him find it. If you're like me, and are a male whose girlfriend has her Ps, don't drive him anywhere. Let him get rip-roaringly drunk and make an idiot of himself. Tell...
  8. Sandez

    criminal report on resume!?

    I've been on drug tests these past few 18 months (it was either that or a record) so y'all should be fine. Damn I hate rangas.
  9. Sandez


    QF Dramatic reading. Come Thursday, my sultry tones will rock BoS.
  10. Sandez

    did everyone just bs in that!!??

    </3 Genetics question.
  11. Sandez


    I'm an outlier so I'm completely fucked. Hope I get HSC scaling...if it's at least 70 I'll be happy.
  12. Sandez

    last minute questions for history ext

    The same person set it last year as this year.
  13. Sandez

    Good Luck

    Good luck y'all!
  14. Sandez

    Leave Early?

    I left about half an hour early. No more Bio ftw!!!
  15. Sandez

    Year 12 PiCS

    Teh sekcs.
  16. Sandez

    UAI Of 86 Possible With My Subjects?

    As of yet, no. My estimate would be in the sixties.
  17. Sandez

    Question on sex.

    Oh please, give that a rest. I go to an Anglican school and remember being taught to take every word of the Bible as fact. Also- many Catholics believe the Earth is 6000 years old. That's in Genesis, as is Creation. And as for the topic, if it hasn't been said already, put it in her butt.
  18. Sandez

    Your First Bf/Gf...

    Crimson wings ftl. :( Mine was leik in Year 9. But she was a total slut.
  19. Sandez

    Biology Marathon 2006

    Uhh....what's the dot point it's under?
  20. Sandez

    Good Luck Tomorrow

    I've got Legal and Extension History left after Bio. Good luck all!