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  1. dotwingz

    what subjects to pick, and what courses to apply for, to become a doctor without wasting your money and time

    Exactly true, funnily enough i wrote that on MSO :) Also true. A full career in medicine is med school (6 years) + intern & residency (2 years) + training (5 years plus how many years you slog trying to get onto a training scheme. https://medinav.health.qld.gov.au/ This website has good data...
  2. dotwingz

    what subjects to pick, and what courses to apply for, to become a doctor without wasting your money and time

    Great thread on the whole, can vouch for most of the advice. Although you seem to confuse undergrad MBBS, undergrad Bx/MD, and provisional Bx/MD. If your implying a BMedSc/MD at UON or BMed/MD at UNSW is anything less than a MBBS at UAdel or JCU you're wrong. If you're implying that an...
  3. dotwingz

    Highest Aggregate HSC Scores

    appreciate the (not so) subtle flex for making this useless post. considering the publish high aggregate makrs and you included your 2U marks despite the fact that you know they dont count
  4. dotwingz

    urgent: Im starting my year 11 this year. what supplies and books should I take?

    Probably not the answer you want to here but stationary/organisation tools is entirely personal preference. Some things work well for some but not others, and its ultimatley about what works best for you. Personally I found having those 240 pages kegi spiral bound books with a different colour...
  5. dotwingz

    Success One Series vs. Strive

    It would be rare to find someone with both the Success One and STRIVE book because theyre essentially mutually exclusive. However I had the STRIVE Phys & Chem whilst my friend had the Success One Phys & Chem so I would probably say: No of questions: STRIVE for Both Phys & Chem Quality of...
  6. dotwingz

    Selective School year 6 test NSW

    I got like ~240 when I sat it in 2013 and I dont remember finishing it. But I had a fairly high accuracy from years of Kumon at that point
  7. dotwingz

    2019 HSC Top All-Round Achievers

    Congratulations to all the all rounders this year and the class of 2019 in general!!!
  8. dotwingz

    HSC Chemistry Exam Solutions / Thoughts

    I forgot, but my friend put down A and had the same answer. So i would say its A.
  9. dotwingz

    Economics predictions/exam thoughts

    Typically the band 6 cut off is 83-86. Considering this test was on the easier side, i would say ~86 would be the cut off.
  10. dotwingz

    HSC Chemistry Exam Solutions / Thoughts

    The strongest acid was CF3COOH, and the strongest base was F-. Tbf i only knew that because after a 10h binge of Breaking Bad i decided to look up about hydroflouric acid, and saw that it was weak but corrosive, IIRC i looked it up after the exam and CF3COOH has a pKa of like -0.25, so it is...
  11. dotwingz

    Economics predictions/exam thoughts

    That's what I mean about a "most likely" approach. His CAD statement does make sense, but it is not is what is most likely to happen. If they take this approach he is probably looking at a 2 or 3
  12. dotwingz

    Economics predictions/exam thoughts

    1. As long as you referenced unemployment and inflation and how the stance helps the reserve bank reach these objectives, what you said was mostly valid about CAD as long as you justified it correctly. However, some markers may disagree and take a "most likely" aproach. I would say maybe a 3/4...
  13. dotwingz

    Economics predictions/exam thoughts

    Ive often seen in the sample answers that they accept decimal answers. Im not sure when and why but you might not get that wrong. As for the stance, as long as you justified it well you could probably pick up 2/3 marks.
  14. dotwingz

    HSC Chemistry Exam Solutions / Thoughts

    This is a very important point. Sometimes people get too hung up based on what other people here are saying, this community probably relfects the upper bounds of the HSC cohort
  15. dotwingz

    HSC Chemistry Exam Solutions / Thoughts

    Economics is also personalised but that was uploaded very quickly
  16. dotwingz

    Economics predictions/exam thoughts

    does anyone have a copy of the paper? EDIT: or just q24 lmao?
  17. dotwingz

    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    sqrt6/sqrt2 simplifies to sqrt3 which is an exact value of tan
  18. dotwingz

    Biology Exam Thoughts

    does anyone have/can get the pdf of the paper? i wanna have a look at it