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  1. StGeorgeDragons

    mobile download using wifi

    hey if u download premium content on ur phone, using a wifi connection at home, does the charge come from the internet provider or the sim card company?
  2. StGeorgeDragons


    hey for my course i gotta do 2 electives, but im not sure exactly wat an elective is. can it be any course? and can i choose an elective from a major? eg finance major then 2 finance courses as electives.
  3. StGeorgeDragons

    Israel and Palestine

    Re: Israel & Palestine israeli army was crushed by hezb'allah.
  4. StGeorgeDragons


    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! it gets better, final is the best
  5. StGeorgeDragons


    Re: Lost - Discuss Future Episodes Here! in the final ep u may have noticed jack is plotting on maps, and doing calculations, it looks like he is trying to find the island himself. Now if they were rescued, they would know where the island was....hence something else is going on. WEE...
  6. StGeorgeDragons

    PS3/XBOX360 connection to PC

    Im not exactly sure if either ps3 or xbox connects to pc with windows xp. I know 360 does with ethernet but what about with a wireless router from the pc? I thought it could but then i found out theres a wireless adaptor, whats this for? And i know ps3 can surf the net, but can you connect...
  7. StGeorgeDragons

    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    i think its 6 months until season 3. final episode we should find out what SONA is. kellerman is acting weird
  8. StGeorgeDragons

    Israel 'broke US arms deal terms'

    http://www.teeth.com.pk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/israel-palestine%20map.jpg now think why is there terrorism in the world.
  9. StGeorgeDragons

    economics a reject of commerce?

    and a business economics major rather then a pure economics.
  10. StGeorgeDragons

    "Lebo Thugs" Youtube Video

    in another country, if kids of a minority group, put a video of them being thugs on youtube, would they show it top story on the 6 oclock news?
  11. StGeorgeDragons

    "Lebo Thugs" Youtube Video

    maybe not today, but they have been called wogs and deigos just the same way italians greeks etc, were called in australia. Oh yes, they were really welcomed into the country.
  12. StGeorgeDragons

    "Lebo Thugs" Youtube Video

    yes, maybe even rape was unheard of in australia? All degrees of crime have always been here.
  13. StGeorgeDragons

    "Lebo Thugs" Youtube Video

    there wanna be gangsters, show them on the news, there so lucky u fell for it good on you, kids got on the news. kebabs from auburn are the best but.
  14. StGeorgeDragons

    wat subject i take year 2?

    after u finish the year 1 compulsary courses, wat do u normally take next in commerce. do u do the courses which are compulsary for ur major first before u do other electives in the major, like for economics should i do macro and micro 2.
  15. StGeorgeDragons

    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    in episode 9, wat did lincoln mutter at the end to his son. r we supposed to know?
  16. StGeorgeDragons

    Flag Burners

    you can't make that comparison. The people who burnt the australian rsl flag were born in australia. It is their flag, they didnt go burn a foreign flag. You see australians with lebanese background as foreigners. The problem is not Lebbos arabs muslims middle easterners terrorists coming...
  17. StGeorgeDragons

    Flag Burners

    thousands of white people didnt rally against their race, therefore no revenge attack. However, asians probably wouldnt go rampaging sydney.. thats besides the point, while not acceptable, they were provoked. The riot was an single incident. You wouldnt know this, sound (and look) anti-...
  18. StGeorgeDragons

    Scully quits

    thats not his main fault, remember people in broad daylight on camera fighting with police are alot easier to catch than people who attack randomly at midnight. He mishandled the entire situation.
  19. StGeorgeDragons

    Flag Burners

    nah theyre aussie www.mental-health.com.au
  20. StGeorgeDragons

    Flag Burners

    The issue here isnt whether burning the flag (or watever u see it as) wrong or not. obviously its wrong and the most disrespectful act one can commit to a nation. wat happened when them aboriginals burned the australian flag? there wasnt nearly as much hype as this. Gowr says: "this...