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    B media (Communications and Journalism)

    I would also like to know. UNSW was my 2nd pref. for this course as I put UTS first. From what I grasp UTS is more practical and channels your own personal journalistic interestes whereas UNSW is more literary and covers all mediums etc. Can anyone corroborate this?
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    Share your 2012 ATAR here

    88.05 and was expecting <84...
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    Choosing artists for the HSC

    I'm doing 3 postmodernists (Morimura, Rrap and Parr) because it's all linked and are challenging archetypes and notions of pop culture. With that I can bullshit a lot
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    Studies of Religion I

    A good test. So happy they didn't ask for Al Ghazali for Islam again!!! Also the Christianity essay was great in that it only asked for the School of Thought or Significant Person!
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    Religious Depth Study/School of Thought

    Just wondering if you can add the school of thought you have studied as part of your religious depth study essay. For example, I did Liberation Theology, and I'm wondering if I can link that in my essay as to caring for humanity juxtaposed to Environmental Ethics' caring for ecology?
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    Section I – World War I

    Was the patriotism one relating to the 'realities of war'? Cause if so I got that wrong haha.
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    Section IV - International Studies in Peace and Conflict

    I was actually really confused with the first question, any thoughts of how to answer it?
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    Section IV - International Studies in Peace and Conflict

    Only 6 (2 booklets) because I left it last :( You?
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    Section II - National Studies

    Much like you I said part A - his time in London fermented his political ideals of permanent revolution (becoming a menshevik at the party congress split etc), 1917 revolution/role as Commissar of War and the permanent revolution theory within his views of the Treaty of BL. Part B - Positive...
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    Section II - National Studies

    How'd you go with Trostky, jenslekman?
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    Section I – World War I

    If it was to show the inhuman nature of Germans then there would be no text. The image of an inhuman "sister" is done to manipulate the British women into joining the Red Cross, evident in the title, through morality and ethics. For example, they show the German nurses as bitches so that the...
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    Section I – World War I

    To be honest I think it was one of those questions where it could of been either so I think markers wil be very leanient so don't fret!
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    Section IV - International Studies in Peace and Conflict

    I did Indochina as well. I did the Account for victory. I studied Pol Pot really in depth so I was worried when I saw the question but basically just talked about a two front war that contributed to the Communist victory; US homefront and the battle front in Vietnam. In Vietnam I basically spoke...
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    Section I – World War I

    It most certainly was. Yes, it is trying to show the Germans as inhumane, but is that REALLY the fundamental message of the poster? The text was the answer, "A British woman wouldn't let this happen and a British women wouldn't forget it." Also "Red Cross or Iron Cross." What's the purpose of...
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    Section II - National Studies

    ^ This. I also said how their actions reflected some of the values of Communist Theory but was appropriated to suit their economic/political/social situation. i.e civil war. Also how War Communism contributed towards their consolidation of power by gaining control of industry and they maintained...
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    Can't concentrate!

    I had ancient today and English was the exam before. The week and a half got me really lazy and out of the swing of things. I have modern on Monday and Extension English on Tuesday; I think I need to get motivated again...
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    Sparta was good, Pompeii was good, Alexander the Great was good, Philip was good but that quote wasn't really necessary
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    2012 HSC predictions for Pompeii and Herculaneum?

    For Sparta they will ask to Describe the Role of the Army and its importance for 5 or 8 marks. And the last one will be women in Sparta with a source
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    2012 HSC predictions for Pompeii and Herculaneum?

    It will be on Ethics of conservation, that is the only dot point that hasn't been covered over the years