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  1. dandel26


    The damn book is written by the convening proffessor. I suppose it subsidies her income.......
  2. dandel26


    Awesome thanks guys
  3. dandel26


    The bloody Co-op bookshop's list is stuffing up, anyone know what books at needed for Law114. Cheers in advance
  4. dandel26

    Looking forward to uni?

    Its been wayyyyyy too long since my brains had a workout, i dont know if i can jump start it again...........
  5. dandel26


    ones up, but it wont let me into the others yet
  6. dandel26

    Excited about starting uni.?

    bit anxious, should be fun though
  7. dandel26

    text book list!

    i know, how annoying
  8. dandel26


    Ok so uni starts soon, i was wondering should i get my books now or wait until after the first lecture?
  9. dandel26

    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Semester 1 2007 Buy and Sell Thread Just out of interest, does Macquarie uni have a second hand book store similar to the one that UTS runs?
  10. dandel26

    Julius Caesar Assesment... HELP PLEASE!!!

    1. Outline Caesar's motivation for going to war against the Gauls To build Caesar's dignitas, auctoritas, wealth, loyalty of an army, clientèle 2. Why was Caesar so successful in his campaign against the Gauls? Strategy (divide and conquer), mobility of his forces, military technology (siege...
  11. dandel26

    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread) [p11 start]

    Want to buy: AHST 103 LAW 114 POL 167 PHIL 132 PHIL 134 POL 168 PHIL 131 LAW 104 PM me
  12. dandel26

    Is the SAM card worth buying?

    20 free schooners of beer!!!!!!!!!!
  13. dandel26

    Law camp @ Macq

    I am sooooo there this year
  14. dandel26

    New Macquarians - Introduce Yourselves

    G'day I'm doing BA/LLB cya around
  15. dandel26


    Hey i'm doing a BA LLB, i'm cool for the law units cause its all prescribed. But for the arts units could i do mixture of units that aren't part of a major? eg) AHIST103 POL168 PHIL131
  16. dandel26

    How Do i Enrol... lost...

  17. dandel26

    General Chatter

    Re: It's over! atleast for me >_> i found question 2 challenging, i might have screwed up question 1, meh
  18. dandel26

    Section 2

    Re: Fish? lol, yeh i used summarised the metaphors
  19. dandel26

    Trial Paper Questions

    Thanks champ
  20. dandel26

    Why was Spartan women 10 marks?

    Bugger i forgot to talk about other social classes, i only talked about Spartiate Women. ohhhhhhh wellllllll shit happens