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  1. ichila101

    Question about uni offers/courses

    Yes do that Yeah you can do this: 'math bridging course (USYD)'
  2. ichila101

    Commerce Major selection dilemma

    accounting is the only one which will get you a professional qualification just putting it out there if you're looking more towards employment prospects. Other than that I can't say much since I have no experience in any of those majors
  3. ichila101

    What do I do in year 11?

    During holidays follow what these peeps say: http://community.boredofstudies.org/129/years-9-10/331628/how-best-make-use-holidays-before-year-11-a.html For studying during year 11 to prepare for year 12 this advice holds...
  4. ichila101

    Transfer to optometry UNSW

    Hi I don't think it is possible to internally transfer into B of vision science/clinical optometry however you don't need to. You can just complete your three years of B of vision science then do your masters in clinical optometry and this will have the same effect. Having the double degree...
  5. ichila101

    What should i do at the gym

    are you serious
  6. ichila101

    Binomial Help PLS

    My mistake Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  7. ichila101

    Binomial Help PLS

    for part iii) to start off you are proving mathematical induction so you can start with proving the left side = right side by substituting n = 4 to both sides then go on from there. a hint for part ii) is to look carefully at the expression and remember you are differentiating with respect to...
  8. ichila101

    what level of math is needed for a degree in science/commerce majoring in math?

    If you are majoring in math you will more or less be doing the same level of math courses you find in comp science or engineeering both of which assume 3 unit but again you can make do with 2 unit. Its not that you will struggle but its more important that you just work hard since most people...
  9. ichila101

    Help with deciding commerce double degree

    this is basically doing either accounting/finance or accounting/business analytics. Just look at what finance vs business analytics will do for you and go for that
  10. ichila101

    Help im in a crisis

    - Take a look at the course description of Mathematics Standard, you can then assess whether or not you will be able to do well or not and don't put yourself down. A friend of mine (although anecdotal evidence isn't an example for all cases) failed math in year 10 yet he got high b6 for general...
  11. ichila101

    drop or keep ext2

    I think thats something you should decide for yourself, from what you are writing it seems you feel that you are struggling with 4u and it is having a negative impact on your other subjects (I am assuming you are taking note of this by results from taking tests in the other subjects). As a...
  12. ichila101

    2U/3U Maths papers by topic

    Theres also these, question numbers are sorted by topic from 1995-2015 here: MX1 question numbers 2u math question numbers
  13. ichila101

    do i need maths extension 1 for a degree in commerce/comp.science at unsw/usyd?

    mainly whirlpool and wall street oasis (wso). WSO is pretty helpful in getting to know more about investment banking but the only problem is that it is a lot more focused on the US. Whirlpool is more focused on australia but there is more or less no way of telling whether a person is an expert...
  14. ichila101

    Please Help (Greatest Coefficient)

    Solve for the greatest coefficient of (2x + 1)^5 instead and then you just need to ensure that k is an even integer so that the coefficient is positive since: coefficient of T_k = 5Ck * (2)^(5-k) * (-1)^k for (2x - 1)^5 For (2x + 1)^5 you use the formula coefficients of T_k+1/T_k > 1 since...
  15. ichila101

    do i need maths extension 1 for a degree in commerce/comp.science at unsw/usyd?

    If you're planning on getting into investment banking then from what I have read online in quite a few forums (take my words with a grain of salt) is to do bachelor of commerce/law Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  16. ichila101

    do i need maths extension 1 for a degree in commerce/comp.science at unsw/usyd?

    Yeah crap I completely forgot math is gonna be required for USYD for a lot of courses Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  17. ichila101

    do i need maths extension 1 for a degree in commerce/comp.science at unsw/usyd?

    You can survive on an knowledge of just 2u mathematics for computer science for any of the degrees, however math extension will make things a lot more easier. I cant really think of why they would do that other than for marketing reasons or it was just a mistake. Don't worry you will be able to...
  18. ichila101

    Related Texts For Rosemary Dobson's Poems

    I haven't exactly done this text but I did a quick search and here's what I found: Also with AOS you do not need to worry too much about whether or not the text is related to Dobson, just go with the standard rule, choose one that relates to the area of study and use a not very well known...
  19. ichila101

    What programming language are you learning ?

    Kinda late but HTML isn't a programming language, its a markup language. Sent from my SM-G610Y using Tapatalk
  20. ichila101

    UAC & QTAC Offer Questions

    1. No it shouldn't affect your USYD offer 2.From what I can see on the key dates page, USYD should be releasing their offers on: October 25 for october round 2 November 15 for november round 1 November 29 for november round 2 and so on september offers to october round 1 offers have already...