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  1. claudmmm

    17/20 Creative Writing and Reflection MOD C

    STIMULUS: John F. Kennedy "Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." This was my imaginative piece for English Advanced. I recieved full marks for the imaginative and lost marks on my reflection. Take this with a grain of salt! The feedback for my reflection...
  2. claudmmm

    Imaginative Response and Critical Reflection 19/20

    My resource is a well presented creative piece and a critical reflection. My chosen stimulus (John Keats 'Ode on Melancholy') is included in the file! As well as a bibliography for the critical reflection (there are three citations). Creative Response: 1600~ words Critical Reflection: 750~...
  3. claudmmm

    2020 Julio-Claudian essay 24/25 (Tiberius and Claudius)

    I received 24/25 for this essay. It was a hand-in task. My teacher didn't give me any criticisms on my essay aside from one grammatical error and when I followed up she could not clarify why I had lost a mark. It is roughly 1500 words. Although my teacher did not personally agree with my...
  4. claudmmm

    Agrippina the Younger essay 2020 (24/25)

    I received 24/25 for this essay. This essay is approx. 900 words, I used this essay to memorise my scaffold and sources in order to write it in a 45 minute in-class examination. The main criticisms I had for this essay was some awkward phrasing, this was evident in my in-class written essay, not...
  5. claudmmm

    18/20 Speech for the Texts, Culture and Value multi-modal presentation

    This is the speech I used for my multi-modal presentation in the Texts, Culture and Value unit in the Preliminary English Extension 1 course. I received an 18/20, the main criticism of the speech was my lack of film techniques. Ensure when preparing for your multi-modal presentation that you...
  6. claudmmm

    PRELIM Cross Generational Study (19 out of 20 marks)

    I received 19/20 for this Cross Generational Study in my preliminary course. The parts I received particular praise for where my presentation which included an easy to read structure and images to break up the text and my use of primary research in tandem with secondary research (all of which is...