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  1. guy

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    i spent 500 bucks all on beer and the odd shots i spent nothing at the islands and don't do they half price shots from the test tubes they aren't real
  2. guy


    hahahaha teh winnar is on the down low low down no doubt
  3. guy


    country music... some people are so out of touch with the music scene unless its MTV or sung by kerry packer himself
  4. guy


    yeah i'm really into them. they are like emo-folk meets child abuse with a hint of commercial pressures
  5. guy

    Frenzel Fox FM Interview

    how awesome is it
  6. guy

    Art masturbation

    (ii havn't really read this thread) but if you get through all the art tosser stuff and learn how to be an art fag it helps you heaps with what you want to do, even if your just paying it out (art critisicm is a form of art ;)
  7. guy

    Year 12 PiCS

    your the one wearing jeans
  8. guy

    how does sydney uni take their footnotes

    oh and bibliographys hah the other day i wrote an evaluation for this book and i said it was "bibliographical" they thought i wasn't smart
  9. guy

    how does sydney uni take their footnotes

    i am but a mere fine arts student with no idea nor handbook
  10. guy

    Black Books

    i love manny
  11. guy

    Making a film

    i'm at uni now and i make lots of movies. pm me for specifics
  12. guy

    What Are You Reading?

  13. guy

    rwanda genocide - 10 year anniversery please reaad

    10 years ago, the Hutu's (a tribe) began killing the tutsis (another tribe) as it was now government policy. These two tribes where the main popuation in Rwanda, but many had intermarried and were neighbours/friends, but still the parents, children and elderly where killed because the radio told...
  14. guy

    TMAT! The Martial Arts Thread

    so not true. I have great eye hand coordination, and when i sparr i can block/deflect pretty well, but in a real fight its reaaally hard to anticipate punches because of adrenelin and the best you can do is moving your head really, in some cases the best form of defence is offence. time you take...
  15. guy

    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    most casino poker is 3 card and depending on the game there are cards in the middle that everyone can use to improve your hand
  16. guy

    songs your obssessing over

    when i buy a cd i usually get like that with atleast one song ofit, like the smiths "a boy with a thorn in his side" which apparently jeff buckley covered but i can't get my hands on it.
  17. guy

    Best Rock Bands Ever

    led zeppelin crowded house
  18. guy

    Avril concert !?!

    shes not even that hot
  19. guy

    fashion ?

    hah! mine cost 260, therefore i'm twice the punk youlle ever be