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  1. DannyBoy33

    Girls & Guys: how much do you weigh?

    194cm 89kg
  2. DannyBoy33

    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    I just watched Aviator from 2004th. Never watched it before. I pretty much liked it, it's a fine movie. Scary how people with OCD were probably much more scared of their lives back when you couldn't just google it up and see that it's pretty common thing. Guess it helps to see that ur not...
  3. DannyBoy33

    Come date with me

    So, did you apply? :D
  4. DannyBoy33

    DayZ: Standalone

    Seems like only early access version is out. Beta version coming out - end of 2014. earliest. Still might be better to play Arma mod...
  5. DannyBoy33

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    i read this thread and I envy you guys so much lately i havent got any time to play anything, can't wait for a day to get some spare time and G.A.M.E!
  6. DannyBoy33

    Driver Knowledge Test

    this pretty much sums it up :D
  7. DannyBoy33

    Top 'speed' done and where?

    140 mph with my uncle, highway :)
  8. DannyBoy33

    Pictures of aesthetically pleasing cars

    I dont like it...
  9. DannyBoy33

    SUBARU - BRZ vs TOYOTA - 86

    this, and be rational dont think with your balls :D
  10. DannyBoy33

    [TENNIS] The 2014 Australian Open Thread

    Re: [TENNIS] The Official 2014 Australian Open Thread Go Rafter! :D
  11. DannyBoy33

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official A-League Thread. :headbang:
  12. DannyBoy33

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread nooo :(
  13. DannyBoy33

    Test and compare your internet speed

    i envy you guys
  14. DannyBoy33

    LoL thread

    Re: Official LoL thread hows it going guys?
  15. DannyBoy33

    The Gaming Deals Thread

    I used to be an adventurer like you but then I took an arrow to my knee....
  16. DannyBoy33

    If only cooking was easier...or it is?

    Or, why don't you make a web site with those recepies for students, for students to add them etc etc?
  17. DannyBoy33

    Who else struggles with cooking?

    Just keep on trying to make something, u'll get to it in some time. It's really simple.
  18. DannyBoy33

    Do girls always go for guys with money?

    Awww, they're adorable. :D
  19. DannyBoy33

    Why do I keep hurting people?

    Maybe cuz your hurt deep inside yourself. :P
  20. DannyBoy33

    Developing and patenting drugs

    msg me on pvt when you make something good :D