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  1. ballerinabarbie

    protein synthesis

    it's pretty helpful also if you remember what the m and the t stand for... so the m is messenger and the t is for transfer... that way you won't get them mixed up and it helps with what their function is also!
  2. ballerinabarbie

    Work/Snowboarding USA in Christmas Hols?

    there are several companies that hire for ski resorts (australian based ones) - can't think of them off the top of my head but google will help u out... only prob is that u only want to work for what sounds about 2.5-3 months... most of the resorts want people to work for 4-6 months (the length...
  3. ballerinabarbie

    Boots in winter

    either fold them up so they sit above the top of the boot, just let them sit on top of the boot, or still tuck them into the boot (obviously this doesn't fit as well as with skinnies)
  4. ballerinabarbie

    animal elective

    hey i did ag in yr 12 and am a 2nd year rural science student so hopefully i can help a bit!! there are heaps of websites out there with ag information - but i'd suggest going to the nsw department of ag/pi site http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture there is a heap of info on there...
  5. ballerinabarbie

    what shoes with skinny's?

    ok i have finally succumbed (sp?) to the skinny jean trend and have no idea what to wear with them i got a pair of dark blue denim ones, and thongs are out (i live in armidale, it's freezing there), and until i get my new hi-top boots (cowboy style, calf length) i have no idea what to wear...
  6. ballerinabarbie


    mmmmm yeah sometimes there is no parking at albies... i've had times where i can't park out the front or back of albies (including the street) and park in the carpark between albies and d&s and then get yelled at by d&s ppl saying "bloody albies" etc. (i have albies stickers on my car) - excuse...
  7. ballerinabarbie


    i know of a few people that have done it after a year of arts, i'd say you'd have to be on about a credit average for them to allow you to transfer though
  8. ballerinabarbie

    pizza delivery

    i did it at pizza hut (and i'm a girl) before becoming a manager - it was something like $3.50 a delivery... but i think it also depends on the franchise that you work for - different franchises have different pay rates (some are up at about $5 a delivery and others pay like dominos - base rate...
  9. ballerinabarbie

    parents paying for uni fees/textbooks etc

    deferred HECS, parents pay for college ($240/week) i pay them $150 a fortnight towards college fees from YA i pay for petrol (takes a tank to get home plus i do a bit of driving to different towns on the weekends), going out, drinking, clothes, general service fee, textbooks etc. etc. my...
  10. ballerinabarbie

    OFFICIAL Easter Show Thread

    Re: Easter show i'm working for a cattle stud... haven't been told the payment yet but i'm assuming it'll be about $50/day for the week, but i'll get food and drinks on the judging days and other days when the guy who owns the stud is around... i'm not worried about the $$ anyway - we have...
  11. ballerinabarbie

    collars up?

    yeah i'm a chick and i do it - and so do a lot of my mates (blokes and chicks), however i think it started from working outdoors etc.. but yeah going out shirts (like long-sleeved button up) - we often wear those with collars up too, not just polos... who cares really - if you are happy in what...
  12. ballerinabarbie

    Asthma and exercise

    my best mate has asthma pretty bad and she does pretty much anything as long as she has her ventolin with her * swimming * gym classes (body jam/body attack) * walking * she's just started running - but had to build her body up to it, starting with small distances * netball main...
  13. ballerinabarbie

    Fragrances/Perfumes No.2

    i looked at it in myer the other day and decided not to get it - i thought it was a bit sweet smelling... i'll stick with lancome and estee lauder for now! oh and issey miyake (sp?)
  14. ballerinabarbie

    what size bed?

    home: queen college: either king single or double (single bed with a home-made extension)
  15. ballerinabarbie

    Duval College

    lol nursing home hours really! but you do get used to eating early (and then develop bad habits like getting a pizza at 9pm cos you are hungry again) but if you think about it - the kitchen opens at probably 6ish in the morning to prepare for breakfast, and by the time they finish at night...
  16. ballerinabarbie

    things to bring to college this year

    hmmmm that course looks like it has the potential to be another "lead to" course that never actually gets you anywhere - like med science to med (how many ppl who try to transfer actually get into med?) and what exactly do you do with animal and vet bioscience if you don't get into vet...
  17. ballerinabarbie

    things to bring to college this year

    yeah in my experience most ppl walked to the showers with a towel on - and yeah the blokes know if they pulled a chicks towel off they would be in a lot of trouble (and probably kicked out of college) that said, the boys are very good at doing nudie runs... all the time (you'll see many naked...
  18. ballerinabarbie

    Supersize Me

    growth hormones have not been used in the Australian chicken industry since the 1960's.... and i'm sure america would be fairly similar
  19. ballerinabarbie

    If a person finishes uni do they get a job easily?

    well that's just what i've been told by someone who selects people to enter med... she suggested to my sister to do nursing rather than med science - cos she has more options when she finishes (in terms of transferring into another degree like med/physio etc)... but hey maybe there are different...