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  1. aud

    Three majors?

    I wanted to... but I don't think I can anymore... USyd is changing all its subjects to 6cps and making a major worth 36 senior cps, meaning for a year you have to double up in one year of subjects... But if you want to overload, or take longer, yea, of course you can do three majors
  2. aud

    USyd rejecting deferments?

    Has anyone heard of someone who's application for deferment wasn't accepted? I'm trying to come up with a reasonable and understandable reason to write on the form, and I'm wondering how big the chances are that they'll refuse it
  3. aud

    Info day 5th Jan

    Yea, I'll be at the breakfast... if I'm awake that early...
  4. aud

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    Can someone please explain this one scenario to me before I go mad trying to work it out? For Textiles&Design, my marks go something like this Exam Mark - 82 Assessment Mark - 88 HSC Mark - 85 Now I know the HSC Mark is just the average... but I'm wondering where the other two came from...
  5. aud

    Who got the letter regarding scholarships?

    Yea, I got one for the main one... whatever it's called, got rejected... *makes that bumbum sound that doesn't really transfer so well on screen*
  6. aud

    who swore in their responses?

    Clichéd - yes. Desperate - yes. :D And she wasn't supposedly innocent, she was innocent... stupid cheerleader with a millionaire for a father...
  7. aud

    sex and the city idea

    There's never an 'appropriateness' of a Major Work... like, Textiles students are told that making a drag queen costume is as appropriate as a quilt set... but go with Sex and the City, I'd love to read it :D Could work really, really well, because I'm sure there'd be a lot of writing on it already
  8. aud

    Merging Subjects

    "The Major Work must not duplicate the same content or form of work done by others or a Major Work submitted in other HSC subjects Projects developed for assessment in one subject are not to be used either in full or in part of assessment in any other subject. Students should avoid cross...
  9. aud

    how hard was THAT?!

    Globalisation's a major part of the ATCFLAI section of the syllabus... OK, put it this way, there's only 5 marks dedicated to ATCFLAI, and four whole sections in the syllabus... they (the examiners) could be really revolting and give like a mark to each section and have us write pages for a...
  10. aud

    who swore in their responses?

    I almost said fuck in my creative... was very close to, but held back, must have got caught up in the angsty moment of realising you're being held captive in a prison where no one believes you're innocent of murder... yes...
  11. aud

    Module A - Creative Writing

    For Revenge Tragedy, I wrote about a nerd who got framed by a cheerleader for killing her Greek literature lecturer, and was wrongly imprisoned... yea, it got a bit long and scattered, but in the end, the cheerleader died... in a dramatic scene a lot like the scene from Swimfan... without a guy...
  12. aud

    Module A - Elective 1: Revenge Tradgedy (Essay)

    Picture was excellent... but maybe cause I hadn't prepared an essay properly or anything... went into the paradoxical relationship between exacting revenge and self-inflicted pain, and just expanded on that for the whole esay while introducing other ideas - but it worked really well with Medea...
  13. aud

    how did the 4Uers go?

    I went OKish... I'm thinking 75-80? But 4U on Monday... maybe 95-100? I'm happy with how I went... meh, did lots of stupid things, but I'm over it
  14. aud

    is anyone else feeling hopelessly lost & intimidated???

    Yes... very lost and intimidated indeed... but I do Revenge Tragedy... someone help me... I'm so ready to completely do nothing, cause it's my 11th Unit, but I don't want a crap mark on my HSC... :(
  15. aud

    how many extra booklets

    I used 12 altogether... so 5 extra... the supervisors were having a ball trying to get to me first... I was like, whatever... but one book for q1 and q2, then two for the rest... but with most of the extras, I only wrote one page
  16. aud

    how hard was THAT?!

    Yea... exam's in the other post... Parachute, I did polyamide/plain weave - did anyone else notice that the multiple choice had 'nylon' as an answer? We were taught that the term 'nylon' had been deemed unsuitable, and the industry had started calling it polyamide again... the blazer threw...
  17. aud

    The songs we get stuck in our heads

    Maths today - had Cosima's I Just Wanna Cry in my head... but it was good, cause it's the song I've been studying too, so it wasn't distracting... it was just firmly stuck on repeat throughout the entire 2 hours though... We have to walk past the music rooms on the way to the exam room...
  18. aud

    how hard was THAT?!

    I used India as my primary example, but tried to draw it out into culture in general... I forget if I used another example... but yea, cause I had notes under those headings for India already, so just regurgitated them
  19. aud

    how hard was THAT?!

    Yes, they're in the syllabus, but only as an example of what could be taught/learn, not what must be taught/learnt. My teacher's a judge of the written exam, and surprised she didn't pick it up before... But all that will happen is that they'll be more lenient... I mean, there could have...
  20. aud

    how hard was THAT?!

    That was ridiculously hard compared to what I expected... I expect an A+ in bullshitting my way through though :D But my school's lodging a formal complaint because of that bicomponent yarn question - cause it's not allowed to be tested, according to the almighty syllabus