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  1. C@mM!

    FEAR: Extraction Point

    haha - dont make me say anything, finished extraction point - little too short, but fucking loved it - +1 for anyone who played fear and wants a bit more action, although without any addition to multiplayer, it might just be an idea to get it off a torrent. (little expensive for a short ass...
  2. C@mM!

    Conflict in the Pacific

    yeah, A was a damn easy one: japanese culture, allied tactics, japanese fuck ups (battle of midway), technological superiority, compromised communications, over-stretched supply lines - oh, did i say idioticic japanese (synonamous with culture), lol.
  3. C@mM!

    How many pages? What order for essays?

    I did it in order: bout 6 pages for each. IMO, they were too open ended (could of kept writing example after example), but a relatively easy paper (the SOI was purely interpretal, look at the year, notice the SOI was negative corresponded to no rainfall on the above graph). Oh well.
  4. C@mM!

    Paper 2 Distaster Stories...

    hmm, the ORT's contain half of the question, probably a 13 outta 20 at max.
  5. C@mM!

    Paper 2 Distaster Stories...

    To everyone freaking out about how much they wrote, dont. Classic example is one girl in my extension 1 class, she always writes like 20 pages, but gets the lowest mark cuz she waffles shit. The best thing my teacher ever told me was to condense your responses - after all, these poor examiners...
  6. C@mM!


    hmmm, my argument flowed that the human experience is more relative to the entertaining truth than the actual truth flowed well with the question (believe it or not, my texts were multiple choice when i walked in, lol - damn i do not study, lol).
  7. C@mM!

    Halo 3...

    hmmm, Halo's alright, be better if they properly ported it (PROPERLY (INCLUDING HALO 2) to PC though Main drawpoint of Halo = Co-op and Storyline Multiplayer was one of the best on Xbox, but meeks in comparison to even a half dodgy PC multiplayer shooter.
  8. C@mM!

    How long does your average relationship go for?

    Longest: 4 years or so Shortest: Less than a week Current: 2 month
  9. C@mM!

    Penis Size... does it matter?

    Re: Does Size Matter? lol - one of my friends has always said it doesnt matter how big it is, but if you cant feel it in the first place, its too small. lol.
  10. C@mM!

    How to seek revenge on the ex?

    Thats just slightly disturbing the last part.
  11. C@mM!

    Your top 25 videogames of all time

    niet - girls usually go for the involving storyline type. lol.
  12. C@mM!

    How to seek revenge on the ex?

    hmmm - bit hard to properly psychologically fuck with someone when you definently cant see them or anything like that I pried the gastank open with a crowbar, then sticky taped it shut.
  13. C@mM!

    This Game I used to Play

    hmm, could be nox.
  14. C@mM!

    1.5 cs?

    no, its when u bind it so when u have the aw out, it quickly zooms it scope before you shoot, thus increasing the shotgun aw accuracy tenfold.
  15. C@mM!

    How to seek revenge on the ex?

    Revenge is bitter sweet. I was tagg'd along for two years until I found out my ex had cheated on me with 3 separate blokes, and was chasing 1 for a more intimate relationship. Apart from telling her the four letter word, I poured sugar into the gastank of her car. Apart from the obvious damage...
  16. C@mM!

    WoW - Casual Oceanic realm guild?

    me and the clan run a private server - not a guild as such, but plenty of friendly people on at most times of the day and night - give us a buzz if interested.
  17. C@mM!

    Just pre ordered WoW exp.

    hehe, been sandboxing with the emu's. cant wait till the emu guys finish their work :D. hehe
  18. C@mM!

    Anyone play diablo 2

    I used to play before the nerfed the necromancer in v 1.07 i think it was. I used to occasionally have a game on the Australian Gaming Network blizzard emulation servers, but they've seemed to have shutdown, with the only other decent blizzard emu server being EGN (but i dont think it supports D...
  19. C@mM!

    what game are you best at, undefeatable?

    I absolutely pwn commander spam in Battlefield 2. Actually was successfully kick voted from a server for commander spam (and we were 150 tickets ahead in Strike @ Karkand). Am a reasonably good player and usually pull off a 4 - 1 K/D. Stats really dont show it however, as I really only play 21CW...
  20. C@mM!


    well, it was abit of fun. I always got made 3rd speaker though cuz I can rip shreds out of anyones argument. little rusty now that four letter words have invaded my vocab, but i can still tear down the best of em.