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  1. MzLebo

    movie-"Mean Girls"

    for all the students that are using ""mean girl"" the movie as a text : drop some quotes ,line, Film techniques, just anything that can help.
  2. MzLebo

    HSC Practical Exam

    yeh u would of done it already...like ur techer would of marked u if u turned up in ur cooking uniform......everytime u would suppose to and shit........
  3. MzLebo

    supp.text 4 billy elliot

    you wouldnt have a copy of the notes would u........... or remember any techniqes/ stucture of the lyrics.......if so please send em.........im not that great at english mperez2000@hotmail.com all the best year12 "2004"
  4. MzLebo

    What you need to know for the DT exam

    hey PPl all the best of luck........... could u send it to me aswell........... mperez2000@hotmail.com i regreat doing design & tech ......waste of time when u think about all that work on ur MDP.....plus its stupid how they dont even give ya a approx.mark at lease.........well i guess i had...
  5. MzLebo

    supp.text 4 billy elliot

    haha yeh true..oh well.. im so fuked for the eng paper 2 exam omh i dont know anything about any of the text: billy elliot, briar rose,The Club
  6. MzLebo

    supp.text 4 billy elliot

    well anyways i hope this is right....but could the song "lose yourself" by eminem be a example that i could use for billy elliot.......well if so how does the 2 text relate to each other???? and what techniques/structure are used in the lyrics/song........
  7. MzLebo

    Tecniques for songs Plz Help

    so say the song "Lose yourself" by eminem what could u say about the techniques used and the structure of the lyrics/song...?
  8. MzLebo


    exam paper could some 1 plz post a copy of the exam as my fuken teacher lost my copy with answers if possible thank u
  9. MzLebo


    Consideration of Industrial Processes i Need help with the Consideration of industrial and commercial Processes have no idea what to type in for the Settings Plz Help
  10. MzLebo


    damn im sure every1 dat does D&T surly needs help for der MDP Portfolio.... Whats needed and what should be in the portfolio ppl start posting things that should be in the portfolio:)
  11. MzLebo

    Briar Rose transcript

    here 1 question hope its right How Has the author Jane Yolen modernised the fairy tale of sleeping beauty to depict human experience? It is evident in studying the text to see that the comparisons between sleeping beauty and Briar Rose displaying human experiences like love and...
  12. MzLebo

    On another note, jersey names.

    u guys are lucky we cant have anything on the back of ours but on the last day gonna get the iron letters and have on the back MzLebo :)
  13. MzLebo

    Briar Rose- Jane Yolen

  14. MzLebo

    Briar Rose- Jane Yolen

    hey yr 12 students with notes on this text or any1 else found notes or information on this text sumit them with links .........we all need help
  15. MzLebo

    half yearlys

    HA found it........ http://hsc.csu.edu.au/tourism_hospitality/#124048 is the only site i found well better then nothing n der is some quiz u can do n stuff take care
  16. MzLebo

    half yearlys

    der is soo much to study for hos n got my exam tomorrow would be great if i can get some1s notes to understand it a bit more...
  17. MzLebo

    Hospitality pplz

    Gees der isnt any 1 doing hospo i need notes asap.......plz or now any sites with info i need heaps........ i need great help thankz mperez2000@hotmail.com
  18. MzLebo

    Robert Cormier's We All Fall Down

    na sorry we dont study that try the net mamma.com, or freenotes.com could find something . yalla bye
  19. MzLebo

    half yearlys

    need help with hos any1 got notes to exchange
  20. MzLebo

    Subject Formulas

    ne1 kows what formula isnt in the formula sheet for general maths?